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We currently feed Hospital news, media releases and occasional information about publications and our website on our News and Media feed:

What is RSS?

In earlier versions, RSS stood for Rich Site Summary and RDF Site Summary. Today, it most commonly stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS transmits the latest updates to websites and is quickly becoming a standard in the way individuals and organizations use the web.

You can tell when a website offers a feed from one of the RSS logos in the address bar or elsewhere on the page:

RSS iconRSS iconRSS icon

RSS comes to you through a feed, which usually contains headlines and short summaries of articles on a specific website. If you see a headline that interests you, you can follow a link to the full story. This can be much faster than browsing a website for new content.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

To read a feed, you need an RSS feed reader (also known as an aggregator). There are two kinds: software readers that run on your computer and readers that you access over the web.

Software readers

You may already have an RSS feed reader on your computer. Major web browsers have RSS capability built-in. Follow these links for more information:

Simply copy the URL of a feed (such as "") into your aggregator.

Web-based readers

These feed readers allow you to read your RSS feeds on any computer with access to the web. Click any of the following readers:

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There is even a search engine for RSS content called Feedster.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about RSS or if you have problems with the St. Michael's feed, notify us at