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Rural Trauma Team Development Course© (RTTDC©)

What is it?
Rural trauma is the “neglected disease” of the twenty-first century.

Why RTTDC© was developed?

The Rural Trauma Team Development Course©, (RTTDC©) has been developed by the ad hoc Rural Trauma committee of the American College of Surgeon Committee on Trauma. The course is designed to enhance the development of rural trauma teams, and highlights a team approach that addresses the common problems in the initial assessment, and stabilization of injured patients.  It is the purpose of RTTDC© to increase the efficiency of resource utilization and improve the level of care provided to the injured patient in the rural environment. The course is delivered by a St. Michael’s Hospital trauma team, on site, at rural facilities that provide care to injured patients.

Who should attend the course?

The basic premise of the course is the assumption that, in most situations, rural hospitals can provide three individuals to form the core of a trauma team consisting of a Team Leader (a physician or physician extender), Team Member One (a nurse), and Team Member Two (an additional individual who could be a nurse, aide, technician, pre-hospital provider, or clerk). Therefore, those individuals who would perform in these roles should attend the course along with other individuals such as respiratory, radiology, and laboratory technologists, additional nurses, pre-hospital personnel, etc. who might be involved in supportive roles to the trauma team.

How is the course presented?

The course is designed to be given in one day of approximately 8 hours. The morning sessions are a didactic format and the afternoon sessions are a scenario based approach.The course is presented at your facility, by St. Michael’s Hospital Surgeons, and Trauma Physicians and Nurses, who are experienced trauma care providers and trauma course instructors.
Ultimate responsibility for RTTDC© development, content, and overall quality management is the ad hoc Rural Trauma committee of the Committee on Trauma, American College of Surgeons.

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