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Clinics & Inpatient Care Units

Specialty Clinics

Image for the specialty clinicsWe offer a vast array of services from 64 medical and surgical specialists for new and follow-up patients. Clinics include allergy and allergy testing, colorectal, dermatology, general surgery, gastro-intestinal, head injury, hematology, hepatology, immunology, infectious diseases, internal medicine, neurosurgery, pain, and peripheral vascular.

All patients requiring an appointment in these clinics must be referred by a family physician or referring doctor.


4 Cardinal Carter North
St. Michael's Hospital
30 Bond St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1W8, Canada

Allergy clinic
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. Stephen Betschel 416-864-3056 416-864-6046
Dr. Karen Binkley
Dr. Nina Jindal
Dr. Christine Song
Dermatology Clinic
Physician Office phone Office fax
Dr. Henry Jakubovic 416-864-3046 416-864-6089
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. Samir Grover 416-864-5628 416-864-5882
Dr. Paul Kortan 416-864-3094 416-864-5619
Dr. Florence Wong 416-340-3834 416-340-5019
General Surgery
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. Najma Ahmed 416-864-5481 416-864-3083
Dr. Bernard Lawless 416-864-5481 416-864-3083
Dr. Nancy Baxter 416-864-5168 416-360-0637
Dr. Ori Rotstein 416-864-5410 416-360-0637
Dr. Marcus Burnstein 416-864-6050 416-864-5668
Dr. John Bohnen 416-864-3047 416-864-5163
Dr. Teodor Grantcharov 416-864-5748 416-864-5343
Dr. Sandra de Montbrun 416-864-5005 416-864-3049
Dr. J. Rezende-Neto 416-864-5284 416-864-5281
Dr. Sandro Rizoli 416-864-5284 416-864-5281
Dr. John Marshall 416-864-5225 416-864-5141
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. M. Trinkaus 416-864-5632 416-864-3055
Dr. L. Hicks 416-864-5632 416-864-3055
Dr. M. Sholzberg 416-864-5389 416-864-3055
Dr. G. Lim 416-864-5389 416-864-3055
Dr. J. Baker 416-867-3655 416-867-3736
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. J. Teitel 416-864-5245 416-864-5310
Dr. M. Sholzberg 416-864-5245 416-864-5310
Vascular Surgery
Physicians Office Phone Office Fax
Dr. Mohammed Al-Omran 416-864-6047 416-864-6012
Dr. Charles de Mestral 416-864-5459 416-864-6012
Dr. Elisa Greco 416-864-5236 416-864-6012
Dr. Mohammad Qadura 416-864-5154 416-864-6012
Dr. Mark Wheatcroft 416-864-5212 416-864-6012
General Internal Medicine
Office phone Office fax
- GIM Clinic (AIMGP) 416-864-5928 416-864-5714
- GIM Rapid Clinic
- GIM Post-Discharge Clinic
Venous Thromboembolism Clinic
Physicians Phone Fax
Dr. Gloria Lim 416-864-6060 ext. 3180 416-864-5714
Dr. Vera Dounaevskaia
Pain Service
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. Bok Chan 416-864-5561 416-864-5854
Dr. John Hanlon
Dr. Aaron Hong
Dr. Peter Leung
Dr. Mary Mcloone
Dr. David Sussman
Positive Care Clinic - Specialty Clinics North
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi 416-864-5245 416-864-5310
Dr. I.W. Fong
Dr. Kevin Gough
Dr. Elise Hall
Dr. Matthew Muller
Dr. Mario Ostrowski
Dr. Malika Sharma
Dr. Linda Taggart
Dr. Darrell Tan
Dr. David Wong