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About Physiotherapy

The practice of physiotherapy is the assessment of neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and cardio respiratory systems, the diagnosis of diseases or disorders associated with physical dysfunction, injury or pain and the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention or relief of physical dysfunction, injury or pain to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment function and promote mobility.  (Physiotherapy Act, 1991)

Physiotherapists are regulated health-care professionals who work with clients of all ages in a diversity of settings to provide health services in wellness, acute care, rehabilitation and long-term care. They are bound by ethical principles to act with integrity, accountability and judgment in the best interests of the client. The profession is constantly evolving through research, education and practice. Physiotherapists strive to achieve optimal health outcomes and use resources efficiently and safely. They act as members and leaders of health teams, and they take responsibility for respecting the roles of team members and initiating interventions in their own areas of expertise.

Physiotherapy at St. Michael's Hospital

Physiotherapists (PTs) and physiotherapy assistants (PTAs) at St. Michael’s are involved in the assessment and treatment of patients who are experiencing a loss of function secondary to illness or injury. We have 35 PTs, 12 PTAs, and a large number of casual staff PTs and PTAs that help support patient care on the weekends. We work across most inpatient units and many outpatient clinics, including critical care (MSICU, CVICU, TNICU, CICU), most medical and surgical inpatient units, specialized ambulatory clinics (respirology, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, elders clinic, outpatient mobility, fracture clinic, and the Martin Centre), and the St Michael’s Hospital Academic Family Health teams.

How do physiotherapists at St. Michael’s contribute to a patient’s health-care team?

PTs work on early mobility, assessing and treating acute respiratory and neurological concerns, managing musculoskeletal impairments, weaning patients from supplemental oxygen, and educating our patients about self-management and home exercise programs. Many of our PTs also have specialized advanced training in areas of neuromotor disease management, arthritis care, manual therapy and acupuncture. We collaborate with the interdisciplinary team to optimize patient outcomes, and to create holistic discharge plans (completing appropriate referrals for home supports, rehab applications and recommending appropriate equipment for home). At the end of the day, our goal is to optimize a patient’s functional recovery and quality of life.

How else do physiotherapists enhance patient care?

In addition to managing busy clinical caseloads, our PTs are passionate about teaching. St. Michael’s has a close relationship with the University of Toronto’s Physical Therapy program and staff from our hospital often assist in labs, volunteer as small group facilitators and act as clinical instructors for student placements. In 2016, St. Michael’s received a special recognition from the University of Toronto for hosting the most PT clinical internships out of the GTA hospitals. We have also hosted international students from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

There are several PTs at St. Michael’s who are currently involved in conducting clinical research and presenting their findings in both the local and international levels. A number of PTs have also completed the Quality Improvement Fellowships, and contribute to corporate quality improvement efforts, including hand hygiene and early mobility.

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Outpatient Mobility Clinic

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Sumac Creek Family Health Team – Physiotherapy Clinic

*must be referred by a St. Michael’s Hospital Academic Family Health Team Physician
St Michael’s Hospital – Sumac Creek Family Health Team
73 Regent Park Blvd, 3rd Floor
Toronto ON M5A 2B7

Any other physiotherapy inquiries may be emailed to the Manager (interim), Collaborative Practice and Education, Ian Barrett, at