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Outpatient Clinics & Services

Dr. Tony Barozzino
Dr. Tony Barozzino, director of Ambulatory Clinics and Outreach Services

The department’s Pediatric Ambulatory Clinics provide timely, multidisciplinary and highly specialized outpatient services with a focus on the unique challenges of urban children/youth and their families, in the context of physical and mental health and wellness as affected by the social determinants of health (poverty, housing insecurity, language/literacy barriers etc.). Our primary goals for these children/youth include early diagnosis and intervention, navigation and coordination of services especially for the socially or medically complex patient, and advocacy for these families locally.

St. Michael’s Hospital Pediatric Ambulatory Clinic and Outreach multidisciplinary team is made up of a dedicated group of individuals focused on the health and wellness of children and youth in southeast Toronto and beyond.  The group consists of pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists (adolescent medicine, developmental pediatrics, child psychiatry, cardiology, dermatology, hematology and rheumatology), neonatologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, a registered dietitian, social worker, patient navigator, psychologist, infant mental health specialist and lactation consultant.

The Pediatric Ambulatory Clinic provides outpatient general pediatric consultative services, antenatal consultations for high-risk pregnancies due to either maternal or fetal issues, developmental and school problem assessments, neonatal follow-up, specialized nutrition services, newcomer to Canada assessments and care, and subspecialty consultation clinics in adolescent medicine, child development, mental health, cardiology, dermatology, hematology and rheumatology. In addition, our department aims to alleviate barriers to accessing child and youth medical, developmental and mental health care by providing St. Michael’s Outreach Pediatric Clinics at nearly 10 inner city sites, including schools, family medicine health teams, EarlyON child and family centres, and homeless shelters.