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Your team

Family Medicine

Several physicians working at St. Michael's Hospital Family Practice Unit follow their patients during pregnancy.

If you wish to contact the Family Medicine Obstetrics Team you can:


Several midwifery practices have privileges at St. Michael’s Hospital. They include Riverdale and Community Midwives. Our obstetricians are available to support midwives and their clients should the need arise.

If you wish to contact the Community Midwives of Toronto you can:

If you wish to contact Riverdale Community Midwives you can:

  • Call: 416-922-4004


At St Michael’s Hospital, our nurses are an integral part of our health care team. They provide compassionate care and educate with strong evidence-based clinical practice. All of our nurses are experienced and highly specialized. They share their knowledge by teaching patients and families about their care, as well as answering their questions to support and enrich their health-care experience.


Sherry Storm is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator working in the Prenatal Clinic and Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic.

Storm has a bachelor of arts in Psychology and bachelor of applied science in Food and Nutrition.

Storm is excited to help parents eat well to build a healthy baby. She works with pregnant women who have nutrition related concerns like diabetes, excessive nausea, vomiting, reflux and constipation, increased nutrient requirements and weight gain above or below the recommendations.

Social worker

Kayla Deverson
Kayla Deverson

Kayla Deverson is a registered social worker working in the Outpatient Obstetrics Clinic. She holds a combined bachelor of social work and bachelor of arts degree from McMaster University, and a master's of social work degree from the University of Toronto.

Deverson has experience working with patients who are experiencing a variety of health issues or life stressors and is available to address: maternal health concerns, mental health concerns, addictions, housing supports, adoptions or surrogacy planning, grief, loss and bereavement.

She will help you address these issues by conducting assessments, providing you with supportive counseling, enhancing communication with your medical team, acting as a bridge to appropriate community resources, and creating a safe and supportive discharge plan prior to delivery.

Lactation consultants

Sofya Brainin Saro Ganeshapillai
Sofya Brainin Saro Ganeshapillai

The lactation consultants are:

  • Sofya Brainin
  • Saro Ganeshapillai

In the clinic and in the hospital we have lactation consultants (breast feeding experts) to provide assistance, teaching and support to all of our patients.

They are registered nurses and board-certified lactation consultants.

They are available if you need assistance with breastfeeding or have questions about pumping and breast pump rental.

Ultrasound technicians


Our highly trained sonographers are registered with Sonography Canada, College of Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists of Ontario and are licensed to perform nuchal translucency exams. Each of our sonographers has been trained to perform multiple types of ultrasound, however, it is their love of obstetric scanning has brought them to our unit. Our unit is dedicated to fetal sonography; this means that we only perform ultrasounds on the unborn babies of the pregnant moms in our unit. Our highly trained and experiences sonographers ensure that all of your scanning needs are expertly met: dating scans, nuchal translucency scans, anatomy scans, BPP and growth scans and specialized high risk scans.

Front desk staff

At St. Michael's Hospital Women’s Health Unit, our friendly and experienced clerical staff are committed to upholding the highest level of patient care and service. With decades of experience between them you are assured that your requirements will be handled by professional and knowledgeable staff. If English is not a comfortable language for you, we have members of our clerical team that can assist you in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Tagalog, and Arabic.  An interpreter can also be arranged. Your satisfaction is our primary concern and we are happy to help arrange breastfeeding classes, hospital tours, diabetes classes, infant care classes, and many other services. Our clerical staff is dedicated to making your experience friendly, comfortable and caring throughout your journey.

Having a baby at St. Michael's Hospital