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Prenatal and Specialty Clinics

Prenatal and Specialty Clinics are located in the St. Michael’s Health Centre at 61 Queen St. East, 4th floor. The St. Michael’s Health Centre is located on the south side of Queen St. E, across the street from the main hospital.

  • Dr. Donna Steele’s prenatal clinic is located at 55 Queen St. East, 2nd floor, Suite 200.
  • Dr. Stephen Im’s prenatal clinic is located at 790 Bay St.

61 Queen St. East


55 Queen St. East


790 Bay St.


St. Michael's Hospital

Please note that the Google Maps address for directions to this entrance is 36 Queen St. East as seen on this map. Using this address in your navigation will direct you closest to the hospital's main entrance off Queen St. East.

Labour and Delivery

Our labour floor looks after patients:

  • with urgent problems that can’t wait until the next scheduled appointment (no matter where you plan to deliver)
  • for procedures arranged by your doctor
  • for labour and delivery

All patients are seen first in triage. This is where decisions are made about the next steps

Triage and Labour and Delivery are located in St. Michael’s Hospital on the 15th floor of the Cardinal Carter wing, best accessed by the Cardinal Carter north elevators.

Postpartum (after delivery)

Postpartum is located on 15 Cardinal Carter South

Both sets of Cardinal Carter elevators can be used to access the 15th floor.