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Making an appointment

Thinking about getting pregnant?

You should consider:

  • Recording the first day of your period.
  • Avoiding alcohol, particularly in the second half of your cycle (two weeks after your last period).
  • Avoiding cannabis and other recreational drugs.
  • Starting a prenatal vitamin/folic acid supplement.
  • Checking your immunization status—especially for rubella (German Measles).
  • If you are diabetic—optimizing your sugar control and informing your diabetes doctor of your plans.
  • If you are on any medications, checking with your doctor if adjustments should be made.
  • Depending on your background you may wish to have some tests done.  Check with your doctor if any specific tests would be helpful.

What’s my due date?

Figuring out your due date is easy! Just take the first day of your last period, add nine months and seven days and you have it!

  • Sometimes the due date may need to be adjusted once you have your first ultrasound because it is more
    accurate than this calculation.

Self referral

Do not have a family physician? No problem, because once you know you are pregnant you can call 416-867-7421 to make your own appointment with an obstetrician at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Physicians who wish to refer patients can:

  • Call the Women’s Health Care Centre (our Pregnancy Clinic): 416-867-7421 to be referred to any of our obstetricians:

  • To attend Dr. Donna Steele’s clinic:
    • Tel: 416-864-5241
    • Fax: 416-864-5144

  • To attend Dr. Stephen Im’s clinic:
    • Tel: 416-977-5913
    • Fax: 416-977-5572

  • Fax referrals to the Obstetrical Clinic at 416-867-3742
  • Online referral