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Research: Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification Centre

Launched in 1989, the Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification Centre (CNRFMC) is a centre for research on nutrition, lifestyle and health. In the past 10 years, our research activities have included studies on the effects of dietary fibre, vegetable protein and monounsaturated fatty acids on serum cholesterol; the effects of diet on diabetes control and insulin sensitivity; and the risk factors for cardiovascular disease in ethnic populations.

The CNRFMC has a long-standing commitment to community involvement. In the past we have assisted in the development of commercial low fat and high fibre food products, promoted health in the community by supporting heart healthy menus in local restaurants, and participated in a corporate program of screening and intervention of heart disease risk factors in the workplace.

Clinical dietitians with the CNRFMC include Dorothea Faulkner (PhD, RD), Alexandra L. Jenkins (RD, CDE) and Valentina L. Parker (B.A.Sc., RD).