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Laboratory Medicine

Test catalogue

Ethylene Glycol

Test Name

Ethylene Glycol

Red Tube with thin top Specimen Type/Requirements

Container Type = 1 Red Top

Minimum Volume = 3 mL Blood

Tube must fill to at least ½ or greater of its vacuum capacity

Specimen Handling

Collection Instructions: Serum collected in red top without gel separator. Submit trough specimen collected 1 h prior to the next dose or at least 12 h after the last dose. Assay includes Nordoxepin Write your initials, date and time of collection on the collection label or requisition.

Laboratory Staff Instructions: Separate serum or plasma from cells within 2 hours of collection by centrifugation and transfer to a tightly-capped tube.

Rejection Criteria: Gel separator, grossly hemolyzed and icteric samples, Unlabeled or Not Sufficient Quantity Samples will be rejected.

Stability: After separation from cells, sample is stable in tightly capped tube at ambient temperature for 2 days, refrigerated at 2-8°C for 2 weeks and frozen at -20°C for 1 month.

Transportation: Send sample to core lab as soon as possible.

Required Documentation

Turnaround Time (TAT)

2 hours stat/trauma

4 hours routine

Test Utilization

Reference Value

Therapeutic: < 1.0 mmol

Toxic > 3.2 mmol/L

Test Code



Gas Chromatrography (with FID)

Testing Location


Other Information

Last Updated: June 06, 2019