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Laboratory Medicine

Test catalogue

Cold Agglutinin Screen

Test Name

Cold Agglutinin Screen

Pink Tube Specimen Type / Requirements

Container Type = 2 Pink Tops

Minimum Venous Volume = 2 x 7 mL EDTA specimen (Pink Top)

Tube must fill to at least ½ or greater of its vacuum capacity

Specimen Handling

Collection Instructions: Collected sample in 2 Pink Top tubes and maintain at 37°C in a thermos filled with warm water. Requisition must have ordering physician, phlebotomist signature, collection date and time. Diagnosis, transfusion and pregnancy history included if applicable.

Stability: Stable at 37°C for 2 hrs.

Transportation: Use thermos with warm water (37°C) to transport specimen in biohazard bag to TM as soon as possible.

Sample Rejection Criteria: Specimen not in 37°C warm water. Grossly hemolytic, icteric or lipemic specimens. Unlabeled and/or mislabeled specimens. Incomplete TM requisitions.

Required Documentation

Ensure requisition is complete with ordering physician name and phlebotomist signature, date and time of draw.

Turnaround Time (TAT)

1 business day, if positive, may require longer TAT.

Test Utilization

As Required

Reference Value

Cold Agglutinin Screen: Negative

Test Code




Testing Location

SMH-Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank)

Other Information

Last Updated: May 20, 2020