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Laboratory Medicine

Test catalogue


Test Name

Betke-Kleihauer (Rosette,Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage )

Pink Tube Specimen Type / Requirements

Container Type = 1 Pink Top Tube

Minimum Venous Volume = 7 ml EDTA specimen (Pink Top)

Tube must fill to at least ½ or greater of its vacuum capacity

Specimen Handling

Collection Instructions: Collect sample in 1 Pink Top tubes. Sample should be well mixed at time of collection. Requisition must have ordering physician, phlebotomist signature, collection date and time. Specimen must be clearly labeled with patient information. EDC and reason for testing required.

Stability: Stable at room temperature for 8 hrs.

Transportation: Send to Transfusion Medicine lab at room temperature as soon as possible.

Sample Rejection Criteria:Grossly hemolytic, icteric or lipemic specimens. Unlabeled and/or mislabeled specimens.Incomplete TM requisitions.

Required Documentation

Ensure requisition is completed with physician and phlebotomist signature, date and time of draw.

Turnaround Time (TAT)

24 Hours

Test Utilization

Once or as needed

Reference Value


Test Code




Testing Location

Referred Out – ON, Canada (ROHLA08)

Other Information

Rosette is perfomed ONLY on Rh negative mothers who have delivered an Rh positive baby