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Kidney Transplant program

Living kidney donors

Image of Gift of Life medallionAre you thinking about a being a kidney donor?

Our living donor transplant coordinator can help.

For more information on whether kidney donation is right for you, contact us.

Call 416.867.3676

St. Michael’s Hospital Transplant Program prides itself on:

  • Being one of the largest living donor transplant programs in Canada.
  • Our expert team of surgeons who can perform keyhole donor surgery for a faster recovery.
  • A health care team dedicated to helping you and your donor have an excellent transplant experience.
  • Providing innovative options even if you aren’t a match with your donor.
  • Being the first in North America to perform blood type incompatible transplants using Glycosorb© columns.

Individuals interested in becoming a living kidney donor can contact our office at:
Phone: 416-867-3676

More information for potential donors can be found at our online health information portal.

We offer a wide variety of options for living donation kidney transplant. Some highlights of our living donor program are:

  • We are the only transplant centre in North America offering blood type (ABO) incompatible transplant with Glycosorb® technology. Patients can receive a kidney from their living kidney donor even if the blood type is incompatible, with success rates comparable to other living donation transplants. Glycosorb® immunoadsorption is a unique technology that circumvents complications associated with apheresis that is used in older ABOi techniques.
  • St. Michael’s offers minimally invasive (laparoscopic) nephrectomy. Laparoscopic surgery allows for shorter hospital stay, less pain and a quicker return to employment for living donors.