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Kidney Stone Prevention Clinic

About Kidney Stone Prevention Clinic

Who will I see in the clinic?

In the clinic, patients are evaluated by the nephrologist (kidney doctor) and registered dietitian. This includes a review of medical history, physical examination, blood tests and two 24-hour urine collections. These results and the stone analysis can assist physicians to make a diagnosis and treat many factors which put patients at risk to form kidney stones. Specific suggestions for lifestyle changes, diet and medications can be made to manage and reduce the risk of stone formation. The appointment with the nephrologist (kidney doctor) and registered dietitian are virtual consultations (phone or video) until further notice due to COVID-19.

What can I expect during my appointments?

  • Find out the type of kidney stone you have
  • Give you information about how kidney stones are treated and ways you can change your diet to help your kidneys stay healthy
  • Order medications and/or treatments if needed
  • Offer help to your doctor to look after your kidneys