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Medical Imaging


Image for the ultrasound program in medical imaging

Ultrasound technology is the application of high-frequency sound waves to produce diagnostic images. These images can be used in both a diagnostic and therapeutic manner. Sound waves emitted from high-frequency probes or transducers into the patient's body are either reflected back into the probe or attenuated by the body. The sound wave that is remitted into is then converted into an electrical signal. The strength of that signal corresponds to the brightness on the monitor.

Doppler studies use the same ultrasound application to display motion in an audio (continuous wave Doppler), visual (colour Doppler) or graphical (pulsed wave Doppler) form. This is useful in the study of arteries and veins to detect blood flow (hemodynamics).

Ultrasound technology is a safe and painless way to see the different tissues of the body. A small microphone-like device called a transducer sends and receives sound waves that are stored in the machine. Sound waves are used to display the distances and intensities of the echoes to form a two-dimensional image.

  • St Michael’s Medical Imaging proudly provides both ultrasound and X-ray services at our Sumac Creek location. Learn more about the location. To book an ultrasound appointment, please fax your referral to one of the locations:

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