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Booking MRI Appointments

In order to provide effective and efficient MRI services and enable the appropriate triage and prioritization of requests, please follow these guidelines when booking appointments:

  1. All MRI requests require a fully completed Request for MRI Examination form. A completed request must bear the legible printed and written signature of the requesting physician and contact number (pager).
  2. All MRI requests must include a completed MRI Patient Screening Information form. It is imperative that the Patient Screening form be signed by the patient and/or delegate. Critical information required on the screening form includes:
    • Specific information relative to surgically implanted or interventional devices, such as details regarding type and model number of a heart valve replacement and the date of surgery.
    • Operative notes, if available, help determine the patient’s suitability for an MRI exam.
    • Orbital X-rays are required if the patient answers yes to questions #1 and #2 on the screening form. Orbital X-ray reports must be attached to the requisition form.
    • Some patients with aneurysm clips must not have an MRI. Please submit operative notes for our radiologist to review.
    • Please prescribe sedation for a claustrophobic patient if required, so they come prepared and are able to complete their MRI procedure. If sedation is to be prescribed, inform the patient that another adult must accompany them to their MRI appointment or to make arrangements for transportation to and from the MRI department.
  3. All MR Breast Imaging requests require the completion of an MR Breast Imaging questionnaire in addition to the Request for MRI Examination and MRI Screening Information forms.

Not following the directions above may result in delay of the imaging request. Incomplete requests and/or Patient Screening forms will be returned to the originator.

MRI Exam Policies

Pregnancy Policy
No adverse effects have been demonstrated in pregnant women or the fetus, but the FDA guidelines suggest that MRI be used during pregnancy only when there are clear medical indications and it offers a clear advantage over other imaging modalities with known risks or hazards.

Our Policy

Patients in their first trimester should not be scanned unless there are clear medical indications to choose MRI over other imaging modalities.


Patients who undergo an MRI that requires an injection of Gadolinium should discard breast milk for 24 hours after the procedure.

Post-op Policy

Requests for MRI within six weeks of surgery must be approved by the radiologist prior to booking of appointment. To ensure compatibility, any implanted devices must be listed on the Screening form including the type and model, if applicable.