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Respirology - Hepatopulmonary Syndrome clinic

Hepatopulmonary Syndrome (HPS) is a rare complication of liver disease of varying causes. When the liver is not functioning properly, blood vessels in the lungs may dilate as a result. If this is severe enough, the lungs can lose their ability to effectively transfer oxygen to the blood, which leaves patients with a low oxygen level and feeling short of breath.

The Hepatopulmonary Syndrome Clinic is part of the Rare Lung Disease research program at St. Michael’s Hospital, and started in 2005. Over that time, we have seen approximately 150 patients referred for this condition. We also have a satellite clinic in Montreal, where patients from Quebec are seen. Our clinic specializes in the diagnosis and care of patients with HPS, as well as cutting-edge research in this field. Through our research initiatives, we aim to improve our understanding of HPS and to maximize the quality of care that we provide to our patients.

Appointments to the HPS clinic are available through a physician’s referral.

For more information about HPS and the HPS clinic at St. Michael's Hospital visit

Medical Director

Dr. Samir Gupta, respirologist

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Amanda Edward, administrative assistant
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