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Clinics & Inpatient Care Units

HIV/AIDS Services

Positive Care Program

At St. Michael’s Hospital, the Positive Care Program team and the inpatient team work together to provide total Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) care and services to you and your family. We provide patient care in several areas of the hospital according to your health care needs.

Phone: 416-864-5696


The Positive Care Program is on the 4th floor of the Cardinal Carter North wing.
The inpatient unit is on the 2nd floor of the Donnelly wing.

What to bring to your clinic visit
  • Ontario Health (OHIP card or Interim Federal Health papers are needed at each visit)
  • a written list of any questions you have
  • a list of all the pills that you take including vitamins and herbal remedies
  • if you have diabetes or low blood sugar, bring a snack
  • a book or magazine can help pass the time while you are waiting to be seen

Who we are

We are a group of health care providers who help you with your HIV-related health or social needs.
Our team includes clerical staff, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, a dietitian, social worker, researcher, physiotherapist, chaplain and students.


Our clericals are a very important part of the team. They are the first and the last people that you will see when you come to clinic. They:

  • answer phones and direct your concerns to the right team member
  • sign you in when you arrive for your clinic visit
  • book your next appointment
  • keep our files in order, updated, and private


Our nurses work closely with all members of the health care team to make sure that your health and well being are protected. To build a respectful and trusting relationship with you, our nurses take the time to listen to your concerns. They also provide teaching and counselling on many health needs, including HIV.


Our doctors are experts in Infectious Diseases and HIV. We also have doctors who are experts in mental health and liver infections (hepatitis).
The doctors work closely with your health care team and make sure you get the best possible care. Your doctor is prepared to answer any questions you have about your health and treatment.


Our pharmacists work closely with you and your doctor when you need medicine for HIV. They will:

  • teach you about your pills
  • explain how to take your pills
  • monitor your blood work

If you are having trouble taking your HIV pills or if you have any questions about your medications, speak to your pharmacist.


A good diet can help you stay healthy. Our dietitian offers diet teaching and assessments. We can also refer you to community support services (for example, Meals on Wheels) to help with your nutritional needs.

Social Worker

The social worker is your link to community resources and services. Our social worker can help you with many things such as:

  • counselling
  • funding for medicine
  • housing and social assistance


Taking part in a research study is optional. Research is important to help us learn more about HIV and its treatments. Our research coordinator:

  • explains the research study to you
  • makes sure the research is safe and explains any risks to you
  • provides monitoring and appointments as needed for the study


Our physiotherapist works with patients who are admitted to the hospital. They help you improve your strength, independence and endurance before going home. They will assess your needs and provide exercises and education to help you.


We can set up a meeting with our multifaith chaplain to help you with any spiritual needs or distress you may be having.


St. Michael’s is a teaching hospital so you may meet health care providers “in training”. This is a valuable chance for students to learn and they appreciate your help in their training.

Other Services

Post-exposure assessments

At St. Michael's, we work with you to assess, treat and reduce spread of many infectious diseases including hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) and human immunodeficiency (HIV). We will provide a risk assessment, counselling and recommendatons for treatment and followup after a possible exposure either at work or elsewhere from a needlestick injury or sexual contact.

  • Pocket P.E.P. (1121 kb pdf file)
    This is a resource for health care professionals to help assess and manage exposure to blood-borne pathogens either at work or elsewhere.

HIV Psychiatry Program

This program provides psychiatric care for patients at all stages of HIV/AIDS illness. Our services range across multiple settings, from ambulatory care to inpatient consultation. Designated inpatient beds are available.

Phone: 416-864-5120

We also provide services in coordination with the palliative care unit and the community health centre at 410 Sherbourne Street. We have strong and effective community linkages with community based AIDS service organizations, including Casey House.

More information on the HIV Psychiatry Program.