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Heart & Vascular Program

About Us

We aim to promote and restore the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by heart disease. Our services help patients and their families learn about treatments, identify risk factors and work toward making heart-healthy lifestyle changes. Our objectives demonstrate our commitment to the promotion of health in education, clinical care and research:

Educational Objectives

  • To be a community resource for various aspects of cardiac prevention including medical and psychosocial interventions, obesity counseling, and smoking cessation.
  • To be the main resource and education centre for preventative health promotion for cardiology trainees at the University of Toronto.
  • To allow health care trainees from variety of disciplines including nursing, medicine and allied health exposure to health promotion in the cardiac rehabilitation setting.

Clinical Objectives

  • To improve quality of life for the cardiac patient.
  • To provide counseling on heart-healthy living that will reduce the risk of further coronary heart disease.
  • To reduce deaths from coronary heart disease.
  • To reduce further admissions to hospital for coronary heart disease.
  • To reduce health care costs.

Research Objectives

  • Foster development and profile research in the cardiac prevention and risk reduction field from all groups of health care professionals.
  • Link various programs at St. Michael's Hospital and University of Toronto to the heart and vascular program and cardiac patients via satellite projects pertaining to health promotion.
  • Maintain a gender lens on cardiovascular research for our female and male patients.