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General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine (GIM) Clinic
Rapid Referral Clinic (RRC)

4th Floor, Cardinal Carter Wing
Tel:      416-864-5928
Fax:     416-864-5714

The General Internal Medicine division implemented a Rapid Referral Clinic to prioritize urgent cases, especially from the Emergency Department. The RRC currently runs four weekday mornings with plans for further expansion in 2017.

Any referrals from General Practitioners that we deem urgent can be accommodated in our Rapid Referral Clinic as well. Referrals that we feel do not need urgent attention will be scheduled into the regular Tuesday/Thursday afternoon GIM Clinic or suggestions may be made to refer the patient to a sub-specialist in the appropriate field.

We welcome your business and will do our best to accommodate your patient in one of our GIM clinics, however, if the patient has already seen several specialists we will not accept your referral. Additionally, if the patient is not in our catchment area, we would recommend referring the patient to a closer specialist/hospital as priority will be given to doctors at our hospital and in our community.

The staff physicians who supervise the ambulatory clinics rotate bi-weekly.  Special clinical interests in our group include wound care, addiction medicine, thrombosis and the social determinants of health as they impact vulnerable, ‘inner-city' populations.

Referral check list

  1. Send any recent relevant laboratory and diagnostic test reports with your referral in order to expedite our triaging process. (Please refrain from sending the patient’s entire chart.)
  2. Be sure to include the patient’s demographics with the referral ensuring that the patient’s information is up-to-date and addresses are complete. (This info is needed for our booking process.)

Once the referral is triaged by our staff, recommendations may be made for further testing to be done prior to seeing us or to referring to another specialty.   Once the patient has been scheduled into one of our clinics an appointment will be faxed to the referring physician and a copy mailed (if time permits) directly to the patient’s address (please ensure their address is up to date and includes apartment/unit number).

Please note our Rapid and GIM clinics close over the Christmas/New Year’s holidays.

Please fax referrals to 416-864-5714. Download referral form here or use your own referral form.