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Department of Family and Community Medicine and St. Michael’s Academic Family Health Team

About us: Education

In the Department of Family and Community Medicine, we have supervised students from chiropractic, dietetics, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, psychology, and social work teaching and learning together about family medicine. This is called interprofessional education. Having your health care providers learn and work together means better care for you.

How you can help our students

You are the best teachers for the students in our department. By letting students know what they should keep doing and what they should change, you can help them a lot. Here are some ways of telling students how you feel:

“I liked it when you … because …
“When you …, I felt …
“Before you …, it would help if …
After you …, I was …
I thought you did … very well. It felt ….

What is a medical student?

  • A medical student is in the process of completing medical school. They may be early in their training (first or second year) and getting their first exposure to family medicine, or later in their training (third or fourth year) and gaining more knowledge and skills in the clinic.
  • Medical students may be asked to start the appointment with you, but they are always working with a staff doctor who will finish the visit with you with the student beside them.
  • After graduating from medical school, they will begin a residency program in one of a variety of different disciplines including family medicine.

What is a family medicine resident?

  • A family medicine resident is a medical doctor, who has completed medical school and is training to become a family physician.
  • Residents are more independent than medical students, but they are always supervised by staff doctors who give them advice about your care.
  • Residents are available to see you at least one afternoon each week
  • After two years in training, residents can write the family medicine certification exam


Our residents

Family Practice Unit at 61 Queen

Dr. Maurice Agha
Dr. Maha Al-Jabri
Dr. Graham Gaylord
Dr. Stephanie Herman
Dr. Matthew Malkowski

Dr. Sherry Sandhu
Dr. Cindy Shen
Dr. Kristie Srichaikul
Dr. Alina Zaltzman

Health Centre at 410

Dr. Kaartik Agarwal
Dr. Brent Crawford
Dr. Kyle Gould
Dr. Charlotte Hunter
Dr. Nanky Rai

Dr. Damian Rzeznikiewiz
Dr. Janette Speare
Dr. Lauren Welsh
Dr. Jonathan Wong

St. James Town Health Centre

Dr. Andrew Boozary
Dr. Shivani Chandrakumar
Dr. Gabrielle Inglis

Dr. Jessica Leah
Dr. Joseph Mpalirwa

St. Lawrence Health Centre

Dr. Laurence Batmazian
Dr. Dennison Lai

Dr. Lyndsay O’Brecht
Dr. Patrick Phillips

Health Centre at 80 Bond

Dr. Alessandro Francella
Dr. Shelby Jaeranny
Dr. Liana Kaufman
Dr. Sumeet Sean Khanna
Dr. Jennifer Nicolle

Dr. Alicia Rodrigues
Dr. Esther Rosenthal
Dr. Safi Sayeed
Dr. Yashna Vaidya

Sumac Creek Health Centre

Dr. Syed (Saad) Ahmed
Dr. Monique Moller

Dr. Latif Murji

Our education partners are University of Toronto, Ryerson University and The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

For more information about the education program, please check the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine website.

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