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CIBC Breast Centre

Your team

      + Registered mammography technologist

The mammography technologists at the CIBC Breast Centre specialize in performing a variety of imaging exams on the breast. The technologists also work closely with the nurses, radiologists and surgeons to provide comprehensive care for patients having breast screening exams, specialized imaging procedures such as biopsies, and surgery.

      + Registered sonographer

The sonographers at the CIBC Breast Centre have training in performing ultrasound exams on the breast. The sonographers also work closely with the nurses, radiologists and surgeons to provide comprehensive care for patients having breast screening exams and specialized imaging procedures such as biopsies.

      + Registered nurses

Registered nurses in the breast centre are dedicated to providing patient centered care involving counseling and educating patients on breast care, providing emotional support and information to newly diagnosed cancer patients, working closely with the patient navigation specialist, and calling patients to ask them to book a follow-up appointment subsequent to abnormal test results. Registered nurses in the CIBC Breast Centre work collaboratively with the physician during any clinical procedures done in the diagnostic clinic. Registered nurses are also available to meet the needs of patients if they have concerns or questions before or after any clinical procedures or surgery.

      + Radiologists

Radiologists are doctors who read and interpret x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs and other scans to diagnose diseases. A radiologist also performs biopsies guided by x-rays or ultrasound. The radiologists in the CIBC Breast Centre are experts in breast imaging technology.

      + Pathologists

A pathologist is a doctor who studies the tissue that was removed in surgery and writes a summary. In the case of cancer are, the pathologist describes the stage of your cancer and if you will need more treatment. This is known as a pathology report.

The report is sent to your surgeon who talks to you about your pathology report, usually within two weeks of your surgery.

      + Medical oncologists

A medical oncologist is a specialist who treats cancer using drugs. The medical oncologist does this through the use of combinations of different drugs, known as chemotherapy.

Dr. Christine Brezden–Masley Dr. Rashida HaqDr. Ronita Lee
Dr. Christine Brezden–MasleyDr. Rashida Haq Dr. Ronita Lee

      + Radiation oncologists

The radiation oncologist is a cancer specialist who treats cancer using high-energy X-rays. This is known as radiation therapy. This treatment can kill cancer cells in specific parts of the body and can help lower the chances of the cancer coming back.

If radiation therapy is needed, a consultation will happen at St. Michael’s and we will arrange this at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre - or a centre closest a patients’ home.

      + Patient navigation specialist

The patient navigation specialist is a member of the health care team who works closely with the physicians and other team members to help counsel and guide patients with breast health concerns. The PNS follows patients, if necessary, from the diagnostic phase through the treatment phase. The PNS will help you understand all the different parts of your care, provide emotional support and make referrals to the available support resources.

      + Aboriginal patient navigator

Leonard Benoit, RPN, CSW, Aboriginal patient navigator

The role of the Aboriginal patient navigator has been created by Cancer Care Ontario to meet the unique needs identified by the Aboriginal community. The Aboriginal patient navigator provides support and advocacy to First Nations, Inuit and Métis adult patients and their families accessing cancer services in the phases of screening, diagnosis, treatment, recovery/survivorship, palliative, end of life. This role provides a wholistic approach in addressing the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cultural needs of patients and their families. He can be reached by phone at 416-864-6060 ext. 2422.

      + Clerical assistants

Clerical assistants are responsible for booking clinic appointments, registering patients, and scheduling followup appointments.

      + Volunteers

There are several volunteers in the CIBC Breast Centre dedicated to providing assistance to patients in the clinic.