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CIBC Breast Centre

Preparing for my appointment

What do I bring?

  • Your Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) Card
  • A list of all the medicines that you are taking, including all over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements
  • Your family doctor's name, address and phone number
  • Any health reports relating to breast health and breast test results
  • Film CDs, mammogram films, ultrasound imaging and other related medical reports (if done in the past)**
    ** The physician's office that is arranging for you to be seen at the CIBC Breast Centre (referring physician) can help put your test images on a Film CD. He or she can also help you list all the tests that you have had and at which hospital or clinic they took place.

Helpful hints

If you are coming in for breast screening please wear a two-piece outfit (e.g. top and a skirt or pants). You will only need to take off your top and wear a gown.

Arriving at your appointment

When you arrive in the clinic on the third floor of the Donnelly wing, check in at the registration desk. A volunteer or clinic staff member will greet you and give you more directions about your appointment type.

You will then be directed to the change area and waiting room.

Interpretation services

Interpretation services are offered through a state of the art, dual handset telephone that enables real-time, three-way conversation between health care professionals, patients, and on-demand interpreters.