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Patient care

Information for surgical patients


The location of your appointment may have changed. Please ensure you have been in touch with your specialist before proceeding to the hospital.

To protect the safety of our patients, staff and physicians, we will be pre-screening all patients booked for urgent, in-person appointments for COVID-19 symptoms. You will receive a phone call from your specialist’s clinic 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. You will then be screened for symptoms again before entering St. Michael’s Hospital. After both screenings, you will be given a location for your appointment.

If you do not hear from your specialist within 24 to 48 hours before your appointment, please reach out to them directly.

We make sure that your stay will be as comfortable as possible and allows us to perform the required pre-admission testing. The following pages are designed to help guide you through the steps you will take through the course of preparations for your surgery.

Before you arrive

Pre-Admission refers to the processes you follow in preparation for surgery. The visit will determine what procedures are to be followed in your case. Find out more.

Preparing for surgery

When you have completed the pre-admission process, your next step is to be admitted to the Hospital for your surgery. Find out more.

Blood transfusions

During the course of surgery, a patient may require a blood transfusion. This page contains information about the nature of blood transfusions, risks associated with them, and who to contact for more information. Find out more.