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Nursing Education

picture of nurse with doctorsStudent placements are available to nursing students from any accredited university or college in Ontario and for many other Canadian and internationally accredited institutions.

Benefiting from embarking on a clinical placement with us

  • Your consolidation period could lead to an opportunity for employment.
  • Next to our first, second and third year students, we accommodate more than 60 students that are in their consolidation period each semester and regularly recruit a large number of the placed students.

Pursuing a nursing student placement position

  • Initiate your interest by discussing your goals with a faculty member at your institute towards achieving a clinical placement with St. Michael's Hospital.
  • Your institute must ensure that an affiliated agreement with St. Michael's Hospital is in a good standing order (active). If not, a written request from your institute regarding a clinical placement must be forwarded to the attention of the co-ordinator of nursing student placements. The hospital will then commence with this course of action by initiating the affiliated agreement to your agency.

For more information, contact the nursing student placements co-ordinator:

Innovative Student Placement Practice

Our heart and vascular program has developed an innovative year-long student placement program in collaboration with the Ryerson School of Nursing. Instead of the traditional three month placement on one particular unit, nursing students spend the entire academic year rotating through the heart and vascular program — the floors, the critical care areas, labs and cardiac rehabilitation. This type of integrated practicum is based on a population based learning model which provides students with:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of a specific patient population.
  • The opportunity to follow the care of patients across the disease continuum.
  • An appreciation of team-based care.
  • An opportunity for building learning relationships with the patients, staff, managers and preceptors.
  • Increased student satisfaction.

Goals of this student placement program

  • To improve nursing student satisfaction with their clinical placement by promoting population based learning through a year-long nursing program.
  • To develop learning tools for students.
  • To improve communication between the student, staff, management and faculty.
  • To increase opportunities for recruitment of newly graduated nurses.