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Stories and media releases

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December 30 Study: Children who drank whole milk had lower risk of being overweight or obese compared to kids who drank reduced-fat milk
December 23 Recognizing a “living legend” – the retirement of Dr. James “Jim” Mahoney
December 20 Having children after transplant: one mother’s story
December 18 Breaking down barriers to translational research
December 11 Study finds online tool helps patients demystify the ‘Pandora’s box’ of genomic sequencing
December 10 Nearly all national essential medicines lists include withdrawn medicines: study
December 6 Cannabis dependence and abuse nearly doubled risk of heart attack post-surgery
December 5 Introducing the Green Zone: More efficient emergency care
December 4 Research uncovers why some diabetes medications positively impact heart health
December 2 Ophthalmology services come together under a brand new space inside St. Michael’s Hospital
November 22 Angels Den’s awards $500,000 to St. Michael’s researchers to support medical innovations
November 22 St. Michael’s research contributes to multinational trial published in New England Journal of Medicine
November 20 C-UHS becomes MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions
November 20 Research examines role of signaling pathways in cancers like glioblastoma
November 18 Screening for intimate partner violence: researchers and clinicians collaborate to build two apps
November 15 Tracking global health improvements with new low-cost and reproducible method
November 7 The ethical and legal principles of navigating electronic patient portals
November 6 The “legendary voice of St. Michael’s” signs off
November 5 Examining rates of childhood mortality due to disease in India
October 31 Individuals living in less walkable neighbourhoods up to 33 per cent more likely to have long-term cardiovascular risks: study
October 29 Same results with half the finger pricks?
October 25 Scientists uncover the process behind protein mutations that impact gut health, Crohn’s Disease and inflammatory bowel disease
October 23 Female scientists significantly less likely to be awarded federally funded research grants compared with male scientists
October 23 Using reinfections as a measurement tool to control epidemics
October 22 Meet Muhammad Mamdani: Unity Health Toronto’s first vice-president of Data Science and Advanced Analytics
October 22 A cancer-screening approach for patients, designed by patients
October 18 Ontario saw a rapid increase in naloxone distribution after kits became available at pharmacies, reaching almost 68,000 people in two years: study
October 18 Communication, collaboration and cohesion
October 17 St. Michael’s Family Health Team wins award for unique approach to patient engagement
October 16 Brains of university-level concussed athletes were physiologically different over one year post-injury: study
October 15 Outdoor activities, massage may be more effective in some cases than medication to treat aggression and agitation in patients with dementia, study suggests
October 11 Forty per cent of people did not visit a family doctor after being released from prison, finds study analyzing 2010 Ontario data
October 11 Consistent cuddling in hospital helped infants withdrawing from opioid exposure go home sooner: first-of-its-kind study
October 9 ‘So grateful to potentially save a life’
October 7 Distributing essential medicines for free resulted in a 44 per cent increase in adherence, some improved health outcomes: study
October 4 Unity Health Toronto not impacted by recent food recall
October 2 Female surgeons in Ontario earn 24 per cent less per hour while operating compared to male surgeons: study
October 3 Clinical ethics: Navigating a bumpy road towards the right path
October 1 Our Shared Values Awards recipients shine brightly
September 27 An immersive experience for Keenan trainees
September 25 resusTO: Not your typical medical conference
September 24 Older adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease found to be more likely to use synthetic cannabinoids, raising safety concerns: new study
September 20 A common sense solution to a common problem — Reducing neonatal stress with eye masks following dilated retinal examination
September 19 Understanding the trends in lower-extremity amputations for diabetes and peripheral artery disease
September 18 Father who donated kidney to son turns 102
September 17 Study finds certain drugs used to treat eye diseases excreted into breast milk, posing potential risks for infant development
September 16 Dr. Andreas Laupacis takes on role of editor-in-chief of Canadian Medical Association Journal
September 6 Mock Code Orange: A lesson in emergency preparedness
September 5 Hitting the right note with medical learners
September 4 First protocol developed to ensure the management of massive hemorrhage in Ontario is standardized across all hospitals
September 4 Canadian and U.S. surgical patients filled opioid prescriptions at a rate nearly seven times higher than Swedish patients: study
September 3 Diabetes medication shows potential to reduce heart disease
August 30 Words matter: The use of ‘vulnerable’ in health care and public health
August 23 New study will evaluate HIV self-testing for the first time in Canada
August 22 New Keenan Research Centre scientist seeks to uncover causes of MS: the disease that changed her childhood
August 21 Treating inflammation with inflammation: Keenan research examines new approach to treating autoimmune disease
August 20 An unexpected chapter in a love story: one couple’s kidney transplant experience
August 16 First-of-its-kind study highlights incidences and causes of pediatric hot car deaths in Canada
August 15 Patients not uncomfortable disclosing race and ethnicity on clinic forms but questionnaires can lack clarity, appropriate options: St. Michael’s Hospital study
August 15 New program to reduce unnecessary blood-sugar tests already seeing ‘significant’ results
August 14 Paper finds early-career female family physicians experience unique obstacles to professional and academic success, work-life integration and wellness
August 14 Eight researchers at MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions receive more than $18 million in federal funding
August 1 How to remain hydrated and healthy in the summertime
July 31 Understanding the body’s ‘first responders’ to infection on a basic science level
July 30 ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’
July 29 Study finds women with history of preeclampsia have heightened risk of premature cardiovascular disease
July 26 Helping patients get back on their feet
July 25 Shuter Wing demolition paves way for expanded Emergency Department
July 24 ‘Suicide doesn’t affect just one person, it affects communities and generations’
July 23 Researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital call for a new approach to solving the opioid crisis
July 18 Construction begins on St. Michael’s satellite dialysis clinic in Thorncliffe Park
July 18 Urban Angel Golf tournament raises more than $1 million for 13th straight year
July 17 Discovery that patients with end-stage kidney disease on hemodialysis are at high risk for allergic reaction to a common antiseptic leads to change in hospital policy at St. Michael’s, UHN
July 16 ‘If someone is not provided the opportunity to exercise their capability, it’s an inequality’
July 15 Understanding the risks for sudden cardiac arrest among athletes — but not overstating them
July 12 Illuminating the experiences of young adults with Type 1 diabetes
July 12 St. Michael’s receives 12 CIHR project grants
July 10 Inclusivity, advocacy to address social determinants of health appeals to Dr. Ceinwen Pope, co-chief resident for Family Medicine
July 10 Building relationships and trust with people help inspire Dr. Dan Cojocaru, co-chief resident for Family Medicine
July 10 Alignment of personal and organizational values important to Dr. Danielle Buell, chief medical resident at St. Michael’s
July 10 Study identifies new potential target in glioblastoma
July 4 The fight against tuberculosis: researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital identify best practices for the use of antibiotics
June 28 Revolutionizing kidney transplantation
June 27 Project Breathe: Promoting sustainable mental wellness for residents through virtual reality
June 27 How the environment affects our health: study examines impact of traffic-related air pollution in walkable neighbourhoods
June 25 First-of-its kind study examines use of health services by newcomers to Ontario with intellectual and developmental disabilities
June 24 Three Wishes honours lives of ICU patients
June 18 Providing comfort to patients through prayer shawls and teddy bears
June 17 Report analyzes 1,337 opioid-related deaths in Ontario from July 2017 - June 2018
June 14 Three St. Michael’s scientists awarded prestigious Canada Research Chairs
June 12 Work of St. Michael’s researchers cited in report as “a starting point” for federal government to implement pharmacare
June 12 ‘Everything is easier’: Life one year after same-day hip surgery
June 7 Can we make #MMIWG the next #MeToo?
June 6 St. Michael’s neurosurgeon helps lawyer make remarkable recovery after traumatic brain injury
June 3 Study looks at whether greater care might be needed in selecting essential medicines
May 31 Meet Lina Elfaki, an advocate for diversity in STEMM
May 31 Potential concussions in elite soccer are not assessed according to international expert recommendations: study
May 30 Integrating technology and the patient voice in MS care
May 28 ‘A chance to live again’: one patient’s journey to transplant
May 23 Identifying red flags early and providing resources
May 23 Respecting patients’ time
May 22 Early mobilization can be replicated and benefit patients across different clinical units, study suggests
May 16 New study explores repeat ED visits for adults with developmental disabilities and psychiatric disorders
May 15 Three research teams at St. Michael’s to receive federal funding to address the opioid crisis
May 15 What does ‘Five Feet Apart’ get right and wrong about cystic fibrosis?
May 14 New workshop series aims to improve the hospital experience
May 13 Legacy Tea event honours trauma survivors and care providers
May 9 Migration pathways and HIV: Studying prevalence of the disease amongst refugee and non-refugee immigrant mothers in Canada
May 6 Soy protein lowers cholesterol, study suggests
April 29 Shifting how we think about simulation
April 23 APOE gene impacts sleep depending on gender and severity of Alzheimer’s
April 17 Three projects led by St. Michael’s researchers awarded Collaborative Health Research Project funding
April 11 Hallway Talks with Tim: Kidney Transplant Program and BeADonor Month
April 10 Eliminating barriers, enhancing equity and access in health care by virtually connecting patients and providers
April 9 Recently-implemented program reduces fentanyl patch dispensing but doesn’t improve outcomes, study finds
April 8 Medical Imaging leading a new way of developing student and resident learners
April 4 ‘I had nothing to lose’: St. Michael’s patient reflects on 42 years with kidney transplant
March 29 Making the learning curve less steep: Unique partnership unites students and staff to innovate
March 28 Liquid meal replacements contributed to greater weight loss than low-calorie diets, according to meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials involving overweight diabetes patients
March 26 ‘The Gift’
March 22 New technique allows researchers to perform more targeted imaging
March 21 IRON MOM: How an app is helping women have the healthiest pregnancy possible
March 20 Review of osteoporosis clinical practice guidelines finds majority lack patient values
March 18 Telemedicine... what the heck is it and how do I get started?
March 15 Study explores how client evaluation demonstrated strengths of Urgent Care Program
March 13 Majority of 200,000 deaths in children aged 5 to 14 in India, China, Brazil and Mexico are preventable, study suggests
March 8 A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to genetic testing is not appropriate, study suggests
March 5 Novel index of sleep and wakefulness may help physicians decide when to remove critically ill patients from breathing machines
March 4 Dispensing Naloxone in St. Michael’s Emergency Department is being received positively by patients and families
February 28 Research is imagining a world where painkillers are designed to keep people safe while alleviating discomfort: Looking at opioid overdose and respiratory depression
February 26 Study examines continuum of HIV care in Toronto
February 25 Offering more options for transplant: One man’s successful transplant journey made possible by the only hospital in Canada to offer a rare procedure
February 21 Study suggests a gender gap in federal funding to scientists
February 20 Understanding the practice and impact of psychology
February 19 ‘From bedside to bench to bedside’: basic science research and collaboration leads to company that will fight fibrosis
February 14 Electronic tool has potential to improve asthma care, study finds
February 13 Study suggests foods like oats, barley and fibre supplements may contribute to management of diabetes
February 11 Lancet article by St. Michael’s researchers calls for more thoughtful approach to gender equity than individual-focused interventions
February 8 St. Michael’s Hospital scientists use art to portray how poverty affects people’s health
February 7 Study shows opioid guidelines unintentionally cause experiences of stigma and loss of autonomy amongst those who take opioids
February 6 Urban health training: Unique course offers new perspective
January 31 Fighting fibrosis – ‘an underestimated killer’ – through discovery science
January 31 ’Nothing more meaningful that we can give’: a mom donates her kidney to her son
January 30 New study points to gaps in asthma care across Ontario
January 29 St. Michael’s receives nine CIHR project grants
January 25 Understanding Health Canada’s newest food guide: a Q&A with our registered dietitians
January 24 Tour Dr. Andrew Advani’s lab
January 23 Patients who identify as transgender less likely to be screened for cancer, study finds
January 22 Review explores best practices for supporting youth with gender dysphoria
January 22 Half a century of success for the Kidney Transplant Program
January 21 Patients are open to being asked about sexual orientation and gender identity, study suggests
January 18 Gaps in cancer screening and diagnosis exist for immigrant women across Canada, study suggests
January 17 Study explores dangerous increase in patients mixing opioids, benzodiazepines or Z-drugs
January 4 Best Practice Spotlight Organization: Quality improvement as a culture
January 2 New glucose meters going network-wide