St. Michael’s becomes a little more ‘royal’

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St. Michael’s becomes a little more ‘royal’

Toronto, November 27, 2015

By Geoff Koehler

Dr. Arthur Slutsky
Dr. Arthur Slutsky

Dr. Subodh Verma
Dr. Subodh Verma

Two St. Michael’s Hospital researchers were inducted to the Royal Society of Canada yesterday at its Annual General Meeting in Victoria, British Columbia.

Dr. Arthur Slutsky, vice-president of Research for St. Michael’s was inducted to the RSC as a Fellow. RSC Fellows are elected by their peers and are Canadian scholars, artists, and scientists considered to be the best in their field. The Fellows are distinguished Canadians who have made remarkable contributions in the arts, the humanities or the sciences, as well as in Canadian public life.

Dr. Subodh Verma, a cardiac surgeon and researcher with the hospital, was inducted into the RSC’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists — Canada’s first national system of multidisciplinary recognition for the emerging generation of Canadian intellectual leadership.

Both inductions recognize contributions to improving the health of Canadians.

Dr. Slutsky, who is also Keenan Chair in Medicine and a researcher with St. Michael’s Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science and the hospital’s Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute is a world leader in intensive care medicine. His research interests span the field of critical care medicine, including acute lung injury, non-conventional ventilation, asthma, pathophysiology and lung injury. Dr. Slutsky’s basic research discoveries related to the causes of ventilator-induced lung injury have dramatically improved clinical practice and have played a role in reducing deaths in patients with acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome who require mechanical ventilation.

Dr. Verma holds the Canada Research Chair in Atherosclerosis—diseases of the arteries—and focuses his research on deciphering the roles of risk factors, such as inflammation, in cardiovascular health. He is well-known for is his discovery that the breast cancer gene BRCA1 plays a critical role as a regulator of heart function and survival and more recently for his innovative translational work in establishing CARDIOLINK, a network for cardiac and vascular surgical research trials.

“Subodh is one of the world’s most recognizable cardiac surgeons,” said Dr. David Latter, chief of cardiac surgery at St. Michael’s. “Not only is Dr. Verma a skilled operating surgeon who has a direct impact on the patients on whom he performs life-saving surgery, he is an important scientist whose contributions to our knowledge of cardiovascular disease impacts hundreds of thousands of patients now and in the future.”

Dr. Verma oversees a dynamic research laboratory as a principal investigator with the hospital’s Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science and its Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. A consummate collaborator, Dr. Verma’s work involves many national projects in basic, translation and clinical sciences.

Drs. Slutsky and Verma are both also professors with the University of Toronto—Dr. Verma with the Department of Surgery and Dr. Slutsky with the Departments of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering and Surgery.

About St. Michael's Hospital

St. Michael’s Hospital provides compassionate care to all who enter its doors. The hospital also provides outstanding medical education to future health care professionals in 27 academic disciplines. Critical care and trauma, heart disease, neurosurgery, diabetes, cancer care, care of the homeless and global health are among the hospital’s recognized areas of expertise. Through the Keenan Research Centre and the Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre, which make up the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, research and education at St. Michael's Hospital are recognized and make an impact around the world. Founded in 1892, the hospital is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto.

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