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Contact Media Relations

All media for the hospital is co-ordinated through the Communications and Public Affairs department. Members of the media interested in speaking to a physician, researcher or any staff member at St. Michael’s are asked to contact the Communications and Public Affairs department in advance of any interview or photo opportunities. A Communications and Public Affairs representative must accompany any member of the media when at St. Michael's.

Media team contacts

Main office

Main Communications and Public Affairs line : 416-864-5034
Monitored Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  

After hours and holidays: 416-864-5431  
Ask to have the on-call Communications and Public Affairs representative paged.  

The Communications and Public Affairs team also facilitates filming (for feature films, television and special projects) on the premises.

St. Michael's media policy:

  • Patient personal health information is confidential. Communications and Public Affairs will not confirm or comment publicly on whether a patient has been admitted to St. Michael's or his or her condition without the patient's consent or the consent of a substitute decision-maker.
  • Staff and/or patient consent must be obtained for interviews, filming or photo opportunities. In some cases, medical staff may be asked to assess a patient's ability to provide consent.
  • The media is encouraged to identify staff and physicians by their St. Michael's title in stories related to the individual's work or role.

For any other hospital-related inquiries, please visit our Contact Us page.