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Doing business with St. Michael’s

Frequently asked questions about St. Michael’s Interactions with Pharmaceutical Representatives Policy

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1. What is the Interactions with Pharmaceutical Representatives Policy?

The Interactions with Pharmaceutical Representatives Policy aligns with St. Michael’s Supplier Representatives Policy and sets the same expectations around how staff, physicians, students and pharmaceutical suppliers must interact while on-site.

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2. How does the policy impact me?

If you interact with any staff member or physician at St. Michael’s, you must:

  • Contact the Procurement Services Department ( to register at the hospital.
  • Obtain a hospital identification badge and wear it while on-site.
  • Book a meeting with the staff member you would like to speak to before coming to the hospital.
  • Do not bring any drug samples to the hospital.
  • Remain outside of patient care areas, unless you visit a clinic after hours or there are no patients present.
  • Not access any patient’s personal health information.
  • Not promote or provide any information related to your products to staff or students, except in a scheduled educational session. A clinician from St. Michael’s has to be there as well.
  • Only attend teaching rounds and other educational events that do not contain confidential patient information. You must be invited by a physician or employee at the hospital.
  • Only provide patient education materials related to pharmaceutical products to staff, physicians and students, not patients.
  • Provide any presentation materials to the clinician you are working with, for their review, at least two weeks before the education session.
  • Maintain ongoing contact with the Procurement Services staff responsible for the procurement of your company’s products.
  • Contact the Procurement Services Department to discuss commercial opportunities.

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3. Who do I contact in the Procurement Services Department to register at the hospital?

You need to email to register at the hospital.

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4. How do I obtain a St. Michael’s identification badge?

Email and you will be provided with a hospital identification badge request form. You must complete it and bring the form to our cash office located on the first floor of the Cardinal Carter wing. They will provide you with a receipt. You need to email the receipt to You can also fax it to 416-864-5556, but you must call 416-864-6027 before you send it.

Once your completed form and receipt are received you will be put into our barcode system and will be notified you when you can pick up your badge. Badges are available at the service desk located on the fourth floor of the Shuter wing. The desk is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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5. Will my identification badge expire?

Yes, your badge will be active in our system for two years. At the end of that time, you will need to renew your badge through the Procurement Services Department.

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6. Why do I have to book a meeting before I come to the hospital?

As per the Interactions with Pharmaceutical Representatives and the Supplier Representatives Polices, you are required to book a meeting before coming to the hospital.

These policies have been introduced to govern the interactions between third-party suppliers and St. Michael’s staff, physicians and students to ensure the hospital’s commercial interests are protected, while respecting patients’ privacy, security and confidentiality.

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7. What happens if I don’t book a meeting or obtain a hospital identification badge?

If you don’t comply with the policy, you may be asked to leave the hospital and the Procurement Services Department may request that a new supplier representative be provided from your company.

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8. Why are samples no longer allowed at the hospital?

All drugs being considered for inpatient use require formal evaluation and approval by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. This process is in place to ensure precautions are taken to mitigate any risks and educational requirements are addressed.

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9. Can our company sponsor an educational event at the hospital?

Yes, but only if an employee or physician from the hospital approaches you about sponsoring an event. You should only be involved with the logistical support, such as arranging a venue or the printing of brochures for the event.

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10. Can I bring food to an educational session that I’m conducting at the hospital?

Yes, however the hospital would prefer that you send the money to the department and they will determine when / what food is to be booked.

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11. Can I engage in commercial discussions with staff and physicians at the hospital?

No, all commercial discussions must happen with the Procurement Services Department. No commercial discussions regarding medications should occur until medication has been approved for use by Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee.

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