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Allan Waters Family Simulation Centre

The 5,800-square foot space includes four distinct rooms.

Simulation operation room theatre

Operation room theatreThe simulation operation room theatre is a fully equipped operating room. This space can be easily converted into an obstetric operating room or emergency trauma suite.





Simulation theatre

Simulation theatreThe simulation theatre is a smaller version of the simulation operating room theatre. It can be adapted into a variety of hospital settings including a ward room, labour and delivery room, intensive care unit, emergency room or a waiting area.




Skills laboratory

Skills labThe skills laboratory is a very adaptable space that can be set up in a classroom style for educational teaching sessions. The room is equipped with a PC and an LCD projection screen. The space can also be configured to allow people to practice skills at a number of stations. For instance, people can use the airway mannequin to practice intubation and then move to another station to practice obtaining arterial blood gases samples from an arm model.

The lab is commonly used for surgical skills training using synthetic or animal tissue models. The lab also features virtual reality simulators to practice laparoscopic procedures on.



Debriefing room

The debriefing room is a small conference room equipped with a projection screen and monitors that allow people to review recordings of the simulation activities. The space is commonly used for debriefing participants after their involvement in the simulated scenarios. This room, when available, can also be used for task training activity such as practicing cardiac auscultation with Harvey the mannequin.