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Frequently Asked Questions

Allan Waters Family Simulation Centre

Is the simulation centre available to anyone at St. Michael's Hospital?

The simulation centre is available to all students, allied health care professionals, researchers, hospital physicians and surgeons. Any activities occurring in the simulation centre must be scheduled. Drop-in appointments are discouraged.

Can I bring people from outside of St. Michael’s access the centre?

People registered as part of a course offered at the simulation centre or who are subjects in a research project can access the centre provided they are authorized to do so by the requester.

What does the simulation centre offer?

The simulation centre offers:

  • Surgical skills training
  • Crisis management
  • Trauma emergencies
  • Basic life support (BLS)

Other services include:

  • Completion of the intake process
  • Scheduling of space, equipment and simulation centre staff resources
  • Providing a general introduction and orientation to simulation
  • Consulting services to assist with the planning, design and execution of simulation-based learning activities
  • Assistance with the development of simulation scenarios
  • Programming of simulation mannequins, set up and calibration of surgical simulators
  • Set-up and configuration of simulation environment based on needs and description of simulation

Is there a maximum number of participants that can use a simulation room at one time?

This is dependent on the nature of the simulation activity:

  • Skills lab can accommodate as many as 25 people in a classroom set-up. When simulation training stations are up the space will only allow for 17 participants.
  • Simulation operating room theatre has the capacity for eight to ten people for crisis resource management scenarios.
  • Simulation theatre has the capacity for six to eight people.
  • Debriefing room holds up to ten individuals

Do I need to have an instructor onsite to use the centre or can people use it without an instructor?

It is not necessary to have an instructor onsite when a requestor books a session in order to practice skills such as cardiac auscultation and intubation. All other simulation activities involving a group of participants will require that an instructor be present to supervise.

Why has the simulation centre implemented a new booking model?

The team implemented its new booking policy to ensure clients get the most out of their simulation time. By having a structured model in place the team will know when the centre is booked, the reason it has been booked, how long it will be occupied for and the simulation and equipment needs that are required by the client.

Does everyone have to submit an online request form in order to book time in the centre?

Yes, everyone is now required to complete and submit the online request form. It will help the team with its pre-planning and consultation initiatives and ensure clients receive an error free booking and simulation experience.

How far in advance do I have to book the centre?

While there is no hard and fast rule, it is advisable to give plenty of time to allow for planning and coordination.

As a guideline, allow four to six weeks when booking events that involve:

  • Large groups (greater than 20)
  • Use of multiple rooms
  • Research activities
  • Scheduling of regularly occurring sessions
  • After hours events

For people who require access to the centre for individual skills practice such as cardiac auscultation and intubation requests can be processed within a day or two, if the space and equipment are available.

Can I move equipment from one room to another? For instance, can I bring one of the laparoscopic computers from the skills lab into the operating room?

All equipment requests should be identified during your consultation with one of the simulation team members. This ensures we have the right equipment available in the room on the day you arrive. If you require additional equipment on the day of your booking a simulation centre team member will assist you in moving it to your room depending on its availability.

If I want to book the centre on multiple days for the same simulation do I have to complete multiple online request forms?

No, if the request is for the same program you are running please fill out all of the required dates on one request form.

We ask that a request form be submitted if you are planning to run a different simulation session or request additional dates.

Can I use multiple rooms on the same day for my simulation?

Multiple rooms may be booked on the same day based on availability.

How can I ensure all of my simulation requirements will be met before I show up for my booking?

As part of the intake process a simulation team member will meet with all requesters to review their needs and plan the best approach for bringing the simulation to life. This consultation will include discussions around what type of equipment the requester requires and all the vital information such as patient stats and other requirements needed during the simulation.

How many simulation team members are available for my simulation?

One simulation team member will be available in the centre to support the scheduled activities. In some cases, more than one team member will be assigned to a simulation. This need is determined and agreed upon during the request process.