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FitzGerald Academy

Our approach

The central philosophy of the FitzGerald Academy is that all decisions and actions are made for the benefit of students and their education. Fundamental values include respect for students, a welcoming atmosphere, and an environment that is understanding and responsive to student needs.

The Academy is directed by eight key objectives.

  1. Education - Provide an outstanding and comprehensive medical education
  2. Student focus - Provide an environment that fulfills the academic, personal and career development needs of undergraduate students
  3. Innovate - Educate students in novel and innovative approaches to contemporary health care delivery
  4. Research - Introduce students to the broad spectrum of health sciences research within the FitzGerald Academy and its importance in the practice of medicine
  5. Inner city - Further develop educational programs within the inner city communities served by the Academy
  6. Faculty - Promote faculty development in undergraduate medical education within the Academy
  7. Interprofessional - Promote teamwork by providing opportunities to learn from and with other health care professionals
  8. Implement - Implement and evaluate new methods and programs

Alignment with Hospital Vision

The FitzGerald Academy shares the guiding Mission and Vision at St. Michael’s. The Academy contributes to the fulfillment of this strategic direction by serving as an integral part of the core focus on education. Find out more about St. Michael’s mission and vision.