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FitzGerald Academy

Community partners

St. Michael's views partnership as a principle integral to the fulfillment of its mission. The FitzGerald Academy is a clear example of this principle that acts to support the hospital’s focus on education.

St. Michael's role within the FitzGerald Academy is twofold. As the anchor hospital, St. Michael's addresses the orientation and administrative needs for medical students through the Student Centre. The hospital also fulfills the main function of a teaching hospital in providing clinical education and training. To expand the breadth of patient exposure during clinical education and to experience different organizational strengths, FitzGerald students also spend a portion of their time at partner facilities including Bridgepoint Health, St. Joseph's Health Sciences Centre and a number of community physicians.

St. Michael’s Hospital

St. Michael's HospitalSt. Michael’s is located in downtown Toronto. Internally, many of the physicians are both clinicians and educators. At St. Michael’s, we have a saying: “We are all students. We are all teachers”. Here, education is not only a priority for full-time students but for staff as well. Read more information on our commitment to Faculty Development.



University of Toronto

University of TorontoThe University of Toronto is fully affiliated with St. Michael’s Hospital. Other Academies at the University of Toronto Medical School include the Mississauga, Peters-Boyd, and Wightman-Berris Academies. More info about our partnership.



Bridgepoint Health

Bridgepoint HealthAs one of the facilities participating in the FitzGerald Academy, Bridgepoint Health provides teaching capacities for both pre-clerkship (years 1-2) and clerkship (years 3-4) students. While St. Michael’s specializes in treating trauma patients in need of immediate medical attention, Bridgepoint possesses core competencies in rehabilitation and long-term care. The hospital receives patients from across Ontario including those with complex chronic disease, long-term disabilities, and patients recovering from a major trauma seeking rehabilitation. These needs are addressed through the hospital’s two core clinical programs including Complex Care and Complex Rehabilitation.

St. Joseph’s Health Centre

St. Joseph’s Health CentreSt. Michael’s and St. Joseph’s Health Centre both share a common founding through the Sisters of St. Joseph. As such, both share in the care of patients through the universal values of respect, dignity, and compassion. As St. Michael’s longest standing community partner, St. Joseph’s Health Centre is also committed to the education of FitzGerald Students. Academy members will benefit from the many specialties found at St. Joseph’s including anesthesia, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, ophthalmology and surgery.

Community Physicians

Staff members of the FitzGerald Academy are found not only in large institutions such as hospitals, but also within clinics spread throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This allows the FitzGerald Academy to provide clinical placements in a variety of settings. These partnerships extend past municipal boundaries, reaching into clinics as far as Newmarket.