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Medical Education Achievement Day for Physicians

Every year, St. Michael’s honours its physician educators at the Education Achievement Day Award event. The annual breakfast ceremony is hosted by the vice-president, Education and pays tribute to the exceptional achievements in medical education by physicians, medical residents and staff.

The award recipients, nominees, faculty, learners and staff are making significant contributions to our education mission to be global leaders in health professional and systems education.

Congratulations to the 2018 recipients:

2018 Gallery

Department Award(s) Award Winner(s)
Board of Directors Complete Physician Award Dr. Cristina Pop
Student Centre & DFCM Philip Berger Advocacy Award Dr. Maggie Yu
Family & Community Medicine Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education Dr. Mary Beth DeRocher
  Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award Dr. Irv Gora (inaugural winner)
  Collaborator Award For Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education Dr. Brenda Chang
Ophthalmology Surgical Ophthalmology Teaching Award Dr. Rajeev Muni
  Medical Ophthalmology Teaching Award Dr. Mark Mandell
  Dr. Michael Shea Commitment to Ophthalmology Education Award Dr. Brad Kates
Surgery Donald J. Currie Undergraduate Teaching Award Dr. Jory Simpson
  William Horsey Postgraduate Teaching Award Dr. James Mahoney
  Jameel Ali Continuing Education Award Dr. Earl Bogoch
  Squires-Hyland Trust James Waddell Mentoring Award Dr. James Waddell
  Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award Dr. Colin Sue-Chue-Lam
Anesthesia William Noble Fellowship Teaching Award Dr. Mark Kataoka
  Art Dunn Postgraduate Education Award Dr. Deven Chandra
  Art Dunn Undergraduate Education Award Dr. Rachel Martin
Pediatrics Excellence in Neonatal Intensive Care Teaching Dr. Tony Barozzino
  Excellence in Ambulatory Pediatric Teaching Dr. Shazeen Suleman
Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine Teacher of the Year Dr. Laura Hans
Medicine Dr. Murray Muirhead Postgraduate Awards Dr. Varuna Prakash
Dr. Alexander Cressman
Dr. Zahra Tejani
  Dr. J.J. Connon Award Dr. Maria Jogova
  Outstanding Postgraduate Teacher Awards Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi
Dr. Karen Burns
Dr. Claudia Dos Santos
Dr. Reena Pattani
Dr. Michelle Sholzberg
Dr. Camilla Wong
  Dr. Gerald Wong Award Dr. Reena Pattani
  Dr. Luigi Casella Award Dr. John Graham
Obstetrics & Gynecology Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Dr. Mark Yudin
  Sustained Excellence in Postgraduate Teaching Dr. Deborah Robertson
  Paul McCleary Award Dr. Donna Steele
  Antonio Cecutti Prize  Dr. Tamara Abraham
Medical Imaging Professor Ronald W. McCallum Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Quality, Innovation and Research in Medical Imaging Dr. Amy Lin
  Professor William J. Weiser Award for Excellence in Teaching of Medical Imaging Residents and Fellows Dr. Lyne Noël de Tilly
Dr. Gevork Mnatzakanian
Laboratory Medicine Kalman Kovacs Award for Undergraduate Teaching Dr. Corwyn Rowsell
  Bernadette Garvey Award for Postgraduate Teaching Dr. Ramzi Fattouh
  Arthur Vandenbroucke Award – Laboratory Technologists & Technicians Dr. Vladimir Iakovlev
Psychiatry Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Medical Education Dr. Karen Shin
  Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Medical Education Dr. Ilana Shawn
  Award for Excellence in Continuing Medical Education Dr. Michaela Beder
  Aileen Meagher Resident Award for Best Grand Rounds Presentation Dr. Hussein Hirjee
Student Experience Committee 2018 Student Experience Award The Student Centre Team
FitzGerald Academy Clinical Skills Teacher Award Dr. Jerome Liu
Dr. Filipe Caparica Santos
  Case-based Learning Teacher Award Dr. Jeff Wassermann
  Health in the Community Teacher Award Dr. Fok-Han Leung
Dr. Holly Knowles
  Clerkship Award Dr. Christopher Hicks
  Resident/Fellow Teacher Award Dr. Zachary Liederman
Dr. Maria Jogova
Dr. Zachary Lim
Dr. Latif Murji
  Master Teacher Award Dr. Adelmo Martoglio
  Friends of the Academy Dr. William Watson

Health Disciplines Professional Practice and Education Awards

The Health Disciplines Professional Practice team
The Health Disciplines Professional Practice team: (from left) Aimee Hindle, Kimberley Bradley, Eduarda Costa, Kimberly Jackson, Christine Williams, Lauren Massey and Colleen Dunphy.

The 12th annual Health Disciplines recognition event was held on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 and a number of awards were handed out to recognize achievements in leadership, clinical excellence, education excellence and interprofessional collaboration among the 29 different health disciplines at St. Michael’s.

Check out the award winners highlighting Health Disciplines achievements from the past year in the gallery below.

Our 2018 winners are:

  • Education Excellence Award: Zuleikha Wadhwaniya, speech language pathologist
  • Clinical Excellence Award: Edma Joy McManus, OT/PT assistant
  • Scholarship Award: Ann-Marie McLaren, Suzanne Lu and Sreenath (Nat) Rave
  • Leadership Award: Ian Barrett, physiotherapist
  • Interprofessional Collaboration Award: Malnutrition Screening Implementation Group


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Previous winners

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