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Medical Education Achievement Day for Physicians

Every year, St. Michael’s honours its physician educators at the Education Achievement Day Award ceremony. The annual breakfast ceremony is hosted by the vice-president, Education and features the St. Michael’s CEO and senior management. This event pays tribute to the exceptional achievements in medical education by our physicians, medical residents and staff.

2016 Gallery

Our 2016 winners:

Department Award(s) Award Winner(s)
Board of Directors Complete Physician Award Dr. Jiwon Oh
Student Centre & DFCM Philip Berger Advocacy Award Dr. Jillian Alston
Dr. Esther Ernst
Inner City Health Inner City Health Program Medical Staff Social Responsibility Education Award Dr. Tony Barozzino
Ophthalmology Surgical Ophthalmology Teaching Award Dr. Matthew Bujak
  Medical Ophthalmology Teaching Award Dr. Peter Girschek
  Dr. Michael Shea Commitment to Ophthalmology Education Award Dr. Gordon Squires
Pediatrics Excellence in Neonatal Intensive Care Teaching Dr. Douglas Campbell
  Excellence in Ambulatory Pediatric Teaching Dr. Elizabeth Young
Surgery Donald J. Currie Undergraduate Teaching Award Dr. Jason Lee
  William Horsey Post-Graduate Teaching Award Dr. Joao Rezende
  Jameel Ali Continuing Education Award Dr. Najma Ahmed
  Squires-Hyland Trust James Waddell Mentoring Award Dr. Earl Bogoch
  Paul McGoey Teaching Award Dr. Jesse Wolfstadt
  Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award Dr. Tyler Chesney
Anesthesia William Noble Fellowship Teaching Award Dr. Han Kim
  Art Dunn Postgraduate Education Award Dr. Thomas George
  Art Dunn Undergraduate Education Award Dr. Jeff Wassermann
Family & Community Medicine Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education Dr. Suzanne Turner
  Collaborator Award For Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education Daniel Bois
Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine Teacher of the Year Dr. Rachel Poley
Dr. Joel Lockwood
Medicine Dr. Murray Muirhead Postgraduate Awards Dr. James Stevenson
Dr. Mali Worme
Dr. Ahmad Zaheen
Dr. Ben Cadesky
  Dr. J.J. Connon Award Dr. Michael Fralick
  Outstanding Postgraduate Teacher Awards Dr. Jeremy Edwards
Dr. Dharini Mahendira
Dr. Reena Pattani
Dr. Michelle Sholzberg
Dr. Camilla Wong
Dr. Tina Trinkaus

  Dr. Gerald Wong Award Dr. Reena Pattani
  Dr. Luigi Casella Award Dr. Andrew Yan
  Robert H. Hyland Teacher of the Year Award Dr. Natalie Wong
Obstetrics & Gynecology Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Dr. Adelmo Martoglio
  Sustained Excellence in Postgraduate Teaching Dr. Mark Yudin
  Paul McCleary Award Dr. Dana Soroka
  Antonio Cecutti Prize  Dr. Carmen McCaffrey
Medical Imaging Professor Ronald W. McCallum Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Quality, Innovation and Research in Medical Imaging Dr. Bruce Gray
  Professor William J. Weiser Award for Excellence in Teaching of Medical Imaging Residents and Fellows Dr. Walter Mak
  Dr. McCallum Continuing Medical Education Award David Bristow
Laboratory Medicine Kalman Kovacs Award for Undergraduate Teaching Dr. Heyu Ni
  Bernadette Garvey Award for Postgraduate Teaching Dr. Katerina Pavenski
  Arthur Vandenbroucke Award – Laboratory Technologists & Technicians Dr. Manal Tadros
Psychiatry Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Medical Education Dr. Tim Guimond
  Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Medical Education Dr. Shelley Brook
  Award for Excellence in Continuing Medical Education Dr. Wiplove Lamba
  Aileen Meagher Resident Award for Best Grand Rounds Presentation Dr. Joanne Leung-Yee
Student Experience Committee 2016 Student Experience Award Dr. Patricia Houston
FitzGerald Academy ASCM I Teacher Award Dr. Karen Swirsky
Dr. Justin Lou
  PBL Teacher Award Dr. Simon Abramson
  CPPH Teacher Award Dr. Nav Persaud
  HSR Award Dr. Tim Guimond
  Clerkship Award Dr. Samuel Vaillancourt
  Resident Teacher Award Dr. Maria Cusimano
Dr. Anthony Lott
Dr. Ahmad Zaheen
  Master Teacher Award Dr. Melinda Musgrave
  Friends of the Academy Alexander Hart

Health Disciplines Professional Practice and Education Awards

Every year, the hospital’s Health Disciplines Professional Practice and Education celebrates the practice and education contributions of our clinicians across the Health Disciplines.

Our 2016 winners are:

  • Education Excellence Award: Katie St. Louis, Speech-Language Pathology
  • Clinical Excellence Award: Emily Opperman, Clinical Dietetics
  • Scholarship Award: Yvonne Bergmans, Social Work
  • Leadership Award : Helen Tomalik, Clinical Dietetics
  • Interprofessional Collaboration Award : Kidney Transplant Team (right):
    • Jenny Accettura (Clinical Dietetics)
    • Lucy Chen (Pharmacy)
    • Michelle Gabriel (Nursing)
    • Sharon Lee (Social Work)


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Previous winners

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