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Student Services

Awards and events

Health Disciplines Professional Practice and Education Awards

Every year, the hospital’s Health Disciplines Professional Practice and Education celebrates the practice and education contributions of our clinicians across the Health Disciplines.

Our 2013 winners are:

  • Education Excellence Award: Ingrid Kuran, social worker
  • Clinical Excellence Award: Daniel Cortes, pharmacist
  • Scholarship Award: Deborah Kopansky-Giles, chiropractor
  • Leadership Award : Kim Grootveld, occupational therapist
  • Interprofessional Collaboration Award : Stroke Assessment and Treatment Team (SATT):
    • Judy Kelly (discharge planner)
    • Sandeep Gill (clinical nurse specialist)
    • Jodi Skinner (SLP)
    • Leah Christie (OT)
    • Ashley Leone (registered dietician)
    • Michelle Ellis (registered dietician)
    • Melissa Alves (PT)

Medical Education Achievement Day for Physicians

Every year, St. Michael’s honours its physician educators at the Education Achievement Day Award ceremony. The annual breakfast ceremony is hosted by the vice-president, Education and features St. Michael’s CEO and senior management. This event pays tribute to the exceptional achievements in medical education by our physicians, medical residents and staff.

Our 2013 Winners:

The Complete Physician Award 2013 - Dr. Ophyr Mourad
Family Medicine
Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education – Dr. Judith Peranson
Collaborator Award For Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education - Ed Ang

Inner City Health
Medical Staff Social Responsibility Education Award – Dr. Mark Yudin

Medical Imaging
Professor Ronald W. McCallum Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Quality, Innovation and Research in Medical Imaging – Dr. Anish Kirpalani
Professor William J. Weiser Award for Excellence in Teaching of Medical Imaging Residents and Fellows – Dr. Walter Mak

Surgical Ophthalmology Teaching Award – Dr. Nupura Bakshi
Medical Ophthalmology Teaching Award – Dr. Rajeev Muni

Award for Clinical Teaching – Dr. Ra Han

William Noble Award - John Hanlon
Art Dunn Undergraduate Award – Dr. Marco Garavaglia
Art Dunn Postgraduate Award – Dr. Rachel Martin

Department of Surgery

Donald J. Currie Undergraduate Teaching Award – Dr. Marcus Burnstein
Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award – Dr. Yonah Krakowsky
William Horsey Postgraduate Teaching Award – Dr. David Latter
Jameel Ali Continuing Education Award – Dr. Subodh Verma
Paul McGoey Teaching Award – Dr. Justin Hodgins

Laboratory Medicine
Kalman Kovacs Award for Undergraduate Teaching – Dr. Andrea Grin
Bernadette Garvey Award for Postgraduate Teaching – Dr. Sahar Al-Haddad
Arthur Vandenbroucke Award – Laboratory Technologists & Technicians - Hilde Vandenberghe

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching – Dr. Tatiana Freire-Lizama
Award for Sustained Excellence in Postgraduate Teaching – Dr. Deborah Robertson
Paul McCleary Award – Dr. Rajiv Shah
Antonio Cecuttic Prize  - Dr. Lindsay Shirreff

Dr. Natalie WongDepartment of Medicine
Dr. Murray Muirhead Postgraduate Awards - PGY-1 Dr. Michael Fralick, PGY-2 Dr. Christopher Kandel, PGY-3  Dr. Derek MacFadden
Dr. J.J. Connon Award – Dr. Jonathan Ailon
Outstanding Postgraduate Teacher Awards – Dr. Karen Burns, Dr. Vera Dounaevskaia, Dr. Kieran McIntyre, Dr. Linda Taggart, Dr. Tom Steeves, Dr. Tina Trinkaus, Dr. Natalie Wong
Dr. Gerald Wong Award – Dr. Irfan Dhalla
Dr. Luigi Casella Award – Dr. Arnold Pinter
Robert H. Hyland Teacher of the Year Award – Dr. Robert Sargeant

Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine Teacher of the Year – Dr. Natalie Wolpert

Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Medical Education – Dr. Mark Halman
Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Medical Education – Dr. Todd Koch
Award for Excellence in Continuing Medical Education – Dr. Adam Quastel & The Addictions Service Team

FitzGerald Academy
2013 Student Experience Award - Ashley Rosen
ASCM Teacher Award – Dr. Justin Lou & Dr. Renata Leong
PBL Teacher Award – Dr. Dipanka Sarma
DOCH II Teacher Award – Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley
Clerkship Award  - Dr. Melinda Musgrave & Dr. Susan Lilker
Resident Teacher Award – Dr. Mina Atia, Dr. Tara Rastgardani, Dr. Jonathan Lee
Friends of the Academy – Dr. Patricia Houston


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