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Health Disciplines Professional Practice and Education Awards

Every year, the hospital’s Health Disciplines Professional Practice and Education celebrates the practice and education contributions of our clinicians across the Health Disciplines.


Complete Physician Award 2010 – Dr. David Chan

Family Medicine
1. Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education - Abbas Ghavam-rassoul

1. Best Surgical Ophthalmology Award winner - Bill Macrae
2. Best Medical Ophthalmology Award winner - Peter Girschek

Medical Imaging
1. Radiologist of the Year - Walter Montanera and Vikram Prabhudesai.

1. Education Achievement Award  - Dr. Douglas Campbell
2. Award for Clinical Teaching  - Dr. Tony Barozzino

1. William Noble Award - Brian Pollard
2. Art Dunn Undergraduate Award - Vince Hughes
3. Art Dunn Postgraduate Award - Bob Byrick

1. Donald J. Currie Undergraduate Teaching Award - Dr. John Bohnen
2. Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award - Dr. Shady Ashmalla
3. William Horsey Postgraduate Teaching Award - Dr. Robert Stewart
4. Jameel Ali Continuing Education  Award - Dr. Emil Schemitsch
5. Paul McGoey Teaching Award - Dr. Shayne Keetbaas

Laboratory Medicine 
1. Kalman Kovacs Award - Undergraduate Teaching - Cathy Streutker
2. Bernadette Garvey - Postgraduate Teaching - Eleanor Latta
3. Arthur Vandenbroucke Award - Laboratory Technologists and Technicians – Katerina Pavenski

1. Excellence in undergraduate teaching - Dr. Deborah Robertson
2. Sustained Excellence in postgraduate teaching - Dr. Donna Steele

1. Dr. Murray Muirhead Postgraduate Awards - PGY1  Jonathan Alion, PGY2  Mona Moosavian, PGY3  Alim Hirji
2. Dr. J.J. Connon Award - Ryan van Wert
3. Outstanding Postgraduate Teacher Awards - Chaim Bell, Irfan Dhalla, David Hall, Yuna Lee, Ophyr Mourad, Rob Sargeant, Christine Simmons, Andrew Yan
4. Dr. Gerald Wong Award - Yuna Lee
5. Dr. Luigi Casella Award – Neil Fam

1. Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Medical Education - Shree Bhalerao and Harold Spivak
2. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Medical Education – David Robertson
3. Award for Excellence in Continuing Medical Education - Shree Bhalerao

1. St. Michaels Hospital Emergency Medicine Teacher of the Year 2010 – Christopher Hicks

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