Urban HEART @Toronto

We’d like to introduce you to Urban Heart @ Toronto!

Urban HEART @ Toronto is a tool that helps us measure how well Toronto’s 140 neighbourhoods are doing across a variety of policy domains including economic opportunities, social and human development, civic engagement, physical environment and infrastructure, and population health.

Urban HEART was originally created by the World Health Organization, and adapted by CRICH for use in Toronto. CRICH convened 80 experts from more than 40 organizations — including community groups, academics, the private sector, and government — to develop this tool.

Urban Heart @ Toronto helps us explore what’s working, and what needs work, at the neighbourhood level. We invite communities, community agencies, health providers, networks and policy-makers to use Urban Heart @ Toronto to deploy resources where they’re needed most, coordinate efforts, establish long-term action plans, and measure progress over time.

For more information, please read the Executive Summary of the Urban Heart @ Toronto project.

Click here to find out more about how the project was developed.

For those wishing to use Urban HEART @ Toronto or for more detailed information, please see the complete technical report and neighbourhood matrix data at: http://www.torontohealthprofiles.ca/urbanheartattoronto.php