Outreach and knowledge translation

If you are working to build a healthier, more equitable Ontario, we want to help you make stronger arguments, make decisions based on the best evidence and plan/provide excellent care.

We make evidence available to everyone. Scientific journal articles tend to use complicated scientific jargon, and often require subscriptions. CRICH has communications staff who specialize in writing about our research in language that’s easy to understand, highlighting the information that’s most relevant to policy and community audiences.

We build strong, collaborative relationships. Much of CRICH’s research is conducted in partnership with communities and decision-makers. When the research is finished, we focus on outreach activities to turn our evidence into action.

  • Talks and webinars: Public talks and webinars on issues and research methods that are relevant to health and wellbeing, geared towards people working in health care and the social services.
  • Community program evaluation school: CRICH’s evaluation experts have developed a community program evaluation certificate geared at frontline workers and community residents in partnership with Innis College and the TD Centre for Learning.
  • Research workshops: We are happy to provide workshops for community agencies, community groups and policy-makers to discuss the implications of research projects. We also work with organizations and policy-makers to generate evidence-based recommendations.
  • Stakeholder meetings: CRICH researchers participate on boards, on advisories and at stakeholder tables to share research evidence.
  • Community talks: In partnership with community centres, community health centres and other non-profits, we’ve held community information nights to engage residents in dialogue about health and social issues.