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Downtown East Toronto Secure Communications Package Resources

For more information contact
Dorothy Wedel at or
416-867-7460 ext. 48372.

Enabling better care by making technologies work for you

Technologies exist that allow for the secure transmission of data to support a seamless patient care journey; however, not all primary care providers have access to these services.

Primary care providers are being offered a select bundle of services through a partnered initiative. By signing up physicians will

  • Experience one streamlined process to gain access to four services
  • Receive hands on support for onboarding to these services
  • Access services that will better facilitate integrated patient care
  • Utilize encrypted email that allow for secure transmission of data

What's included in the bundle?


Allows health care providers to access secure digital health services, including:


Providers will be able to electronically send a clinical question to a specialist

  • Informed clinical decision making and primary care provider education
  • Potentially avoid unnecessary in-person specialist visits
  • Promotes integrated and coordinated care
  • Faster access to specialist advice


Enables viewing of a patient's care journey across the province

  • Access to DI reports, Home and community care data, medication information, lab reports and more
  • Enable faster, more informed decisions
  • Decrease the need for patients to repeat their health information
  • Reduce the need for duplicate testing and procedures

ONE® Mail

Supports secure email communications between registered ONE® Mail users

  • Secure exchange of personal health information
  • Enhances collaboration among team members
  • Access to secure directory which identifies all ONE® Mail users
  • Active sync allows secure access to emails using mobile device

Want more information? Contact Dorothy Wedel, Project Manager, at or 416-867-7460 ext. 48372.

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