Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients and our people. Please check our COVID-19 information page to learn more about what to expect for patients and visitors before coming to our sites and clinics.

Mission & Values

St. Michael's Hospital's Patient Declaration of Values

St. Michael’s Hospital’s Patient Declaration of Values was developed with consultation and feedback from more than 1,000 patients, families, caregivers and community partners. Our Patient Declaration of Values captures, in our patients’ words, what they value at a great hospital:

In our experience at a “great hospital,” we value:

  • A “patient first” approach where we are the number-one priority, and our family is part of the process
  • Being treated as a person with respect and dignity from all hospital staff – patients are more than just a diagnosis
  • An organization that understands its population and treats everyone equally

When we arrive at a “great hospital,” we value:

  • A clean environment
  • Having good signage and directions to help us understand where we need to go and how to get there
  • A welcoming environment that is bright, warm and calm, and has a comfortable area for patients and visitors to wait
  • Being able to access the location through public transit and accessible parking

In the care that we receive at a “great hospital,” we value:

  • Being treated by highly skilled, knowledgeable staff members, who are caring, kind, compassionate and friendly
  • Being treated with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and up-to-date practices to deal with our health-care needs
  • Having the information we need, when we need it, and communicated to us in a way we understand

In the delivery of the services we receive at a “great hospital,” we value:

  • Efficient services that respect our time, by not making us wait for appointments or to see a health-care provider
  • Having our privacy and confidentiality respected, through private conversations and secure health information
  • Knowing that the organization is committed to creating an environment where staff can work as a team to provide the best care
  • Knowing the next steps in our care, after we leave the hospital
  • Having access to nutritious food for patients and visitors