Volunteering at St. Michael’s


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Membership benefits

By providing compassionate and personal service, volunteers improve the quality of the patient and visitor experience every day. Volunteers take the time to greet, to inform, to guide and to comfort. Volunteers help to create a supportive environment in order to make a visit to the hospital less stressful.

As a St. Michael’s volunteer, you will join with hundreds of other dedicated people that come together to make St. Michael’s a better place. Our volunteers form a vibrant and welcoming community.

We also celebrate our volunteers with:

  • A welcoming Volunteer Lounge (the coffee and cookies are on us!)
  • Christmas brunch
  • “Behind the scenes tours” of hospital departments
  • An annual volunteer celebration
  • Recognition awards for your hours of service
  • A monthly volunteer ebulletin
  • Invitations to hospital events and special lectures

Seniors and Volunteering

Volunteering is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for retirees and older adults. Research shows that by adding a few hours of volunteering to their busy lives, older adults increase their “post work” social network; gain a sense of purpose through helping others; increase their physical activity; and improve their cognitive skills by learning new things and taking on new challenges.

As a volunteer, you will meet new people every day and serve alongside other volunteers and staff. Our retiree volunteers tell us that this sense of belonging and community is one of the main reasons they love to volunteer.

Make volunteering with St. Michael’s part of your healthy lifestyle!