Volunteer Association

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The Tuck Shop in 1965
The Tuck Shop in 1965. Click here or on the image above for a larger version. (SMH Archives)


The Volunteer Association was an autonomous service organization that provided various services to the volunteers and fundraised for Hospital causes. It was overseen by a volunteer Board and an organizational Constitution.

The Association produced a regular newsletter, hosted regular meetings for the membership, operated the Volunteer Association Patient Library, managed the Marion Palmer Gift Shop and oversaw additional fundraising activities (including a HELPP Lottery and an annual Snowflake Bazaar).

The Association began in 1920 as the Women's Auxiliary; evolved into the St. Michael's Auxiliary in 1977 when male volunteer began to work at SMH; and was re-named the St. Michael's Volunteer Association in 1992. In 2013, the VA Board decided to dissolve the Association as most of the functions of the Association are now carried out by the staff of the Volunteer Services Department and the St. Michael's Hospital Foundation effectively raises the funds needed for hospital programs and capital projects.