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Volunteer Auxiliary milestones

1920Inaugural meeting April 12, 1920 - 65 ladies present.
1921A contribution of $1,000 to Mother Superior for sewing materials.
1922The Sewing Circle made 9,010 articles for the hospital.
1923A committee formed to frame a constitution.
1924The Auxiliary pledged five teams of workers, ten members each, to assist in the drive for building funds.
1928An Occupational Therapist was engaged to work two evenings a week for an annual stipend of $250 paid by the Auxiliary.
The first fundraising dance was held; $2.00 per couple and "all the lemonade you can drink".
1946Volunteers begin service in Outpatient Department.
1947The Auxiliary endorsed a proposal for a Research Society, and proposed to provide a fund of $50.000.
1952A donation of $1,000 was made to furnish a waiting room in the new wing of the hospital.
1960Beginning of volunteer service in the Admitting Office.
1962A gift counter (Baby Boutique) opened on the seventh floor (the forerunner of the Gift Shop and Maternity Cart).
1965The first Auxiliary newsletter was prepared in October, 1965.
The Gift Shop was opened in the Queen Street Lobby, the Gift Cart and Maternity Cart operating from the shop.
1966The Tuck Shop was taken over by the Auxiliary on Jan. 1, 1966, and opened for business on Jan. 11, 1967.
The first candy stripers, 18 girls from 14 to 17, worked during the summer in Admitting and in the Gift Shop.
1968The first Christmas party was given for outpatients; 192 baskets were distributed.
The first full-time Director of Volunteer Services was engaged.
1970The Auxiliary observed 50 years of service to St. Michael's Hospital.
1972The president of the Auxiliary was invited to sit on the Board of Governors of the hospital during her term of office.
1976The first male volunteer began work in the hospital in the Fracture Clinic.
1977The name of the volunteer organization is changed to St. Michael's Hospital Auxiliary.
1979The official opening of the new Patients' Library. The library supported by annual book sales.
1984The Social Service Committee, which had been re-activated in 1976, prepared a total of 2,800 tray favours for the patients for the major feast days and holidays (The Special Services).
The Auxiliary pledged a donation of $100,000 annually, for a five-year period, for the second phase of hospital development.
1990The Gift Shop observed its 25th anniversary of service.
1992A new constitution was passed, and the name of St. Michael's Hospital Auxiliary was changed to St. Michaels Hospital Volunteer Association to reflect more accurately the composition of the membership.
Marked the one 100th birthday of St. Michael's Hospital. Volunteers participated in many of the centennial celebrations.
1993The Tuck Shop was closed in February and its functions merged with those of the newly renovated Gift Shop.
1996Donation of replacement dialysis machines to the outpatient renal program.
The HELPP Lottery begins to raise money for hospital equipment.
1997The neuroangiography suite funded by a multi-year donation of $500,000.
The Gift Shop moves to its current home in the Victoria Lobby.
2000The Wellesley Hospital joins with St. Michael’s Hospital. Many Wellesley volunteers continue to serve at St. Michael’s.
2001Donation of portable trauma ultrasound to the Emergency Department.
2003The St. Michael’s Volunteer helipad opens (a multiyear pledge of $600,000).
Volunteering at St. Michael’s is temporarily suspended during the SARS outbreak.
2005Gift Shop celebrate 40 years of service with a special anniversary recipe book.
2006A multi-year donation of $500,000 to establish the Volunteer Association Maternal and Children’s Health Laboratory.
2008Christmas Bazaar adds a large scale silent auction to the annual sale.
201090th anniversary celebration of the Volunteer Association.
Donation of specialized equipment to outpatient physiotherapy.
2011A multi-year donation of $500,000 to establish the Volunteer Association Chair in Nursing Research.