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Geriatric Services

Geriatric Medicine Telehealth Clinic

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About the Geriatric Medicine Telehealth Clinic

A doctor uses futuristic technology to reach out with care
  • What is Telemedicine?
    • Telemedicine uses two-way videoconferencing to deliver assessments and treatments throughout Ontario.
    • It reduces patient and family travel outside of their home community.

  • What we do:
    • We provide Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments for older adults, and when it's needed and appropriate, we connect you with community support services. A Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment is a multidimensional, interdisciplinary diagnostic process to determine the medical, psychological and functional capabilities of an older adult to develop a co-ordinated and integrated plan for management.
    • The Geriatric Medicine Telehealth Clinic looks after people who have complex conditions associated with aging. These conditions include memory loss, mobility problems and falls, bowel or bladder difficulties, poor nutrition or unexplained weight loss, and challenges managing multiple illnesses and medications.
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What to expect

  • What to bring:
    • Your health card.
    • All of your medications. This includes prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and supplements.
    • A trusted friend or family member. They can help you gather information, take notes and ask questions.
    • List of doctors and hospitals. Bring a list of doctors you have seen in the past an the names of hospitals where you have been treated.
    • Questions to ask.

  • When you arrive:
    • Once you have checked into your Telemedicine site, usually inside a hospital, the local telemedicine co-ordinator will explain the process and the equipment to you.
    • You may be asked to change into a hospital gown, depending on the type of appointment.
    • Time-saving video technologies and electronic diagnostic equipment such as patient exam cameras and digital stethoscopes work together as if you were being assessed in person.

  • How long will your appointment be?
    • The first appointment can take up to 1.5 hours. You will be seen by the doctor.

  • Who else will be at the appointment?
    • The telemedicine co-ordinator may stay in the room with you during the consultation and sometimes a local doctor or nurse practitioner may be present as well.
    • The appointments take place in private, secure rooms and the examination can only be seen and heard by those involved in the consultation.

  • Before you leave:
    • You may be given information about a follow-up appointment. A copy of the assessment will be forwarded to the referring doctor.
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How to get referred

Our Geriatric Medicine Telehealth Clinic team

Dr. Maria Zorzitto
Dr. Maria Zorzitto

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