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Traumatic Brain Injury and Violence: Reducing the risks, improving the outcomes (CIHR Strategic Teams in Applied Injury Research)

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Community groups

The team will disseminate findings to parents, health care workers, community service providers, NGOs, public health agencies, government and media, using a variety of websites and newsletters supported by the affiliated institutions and end-users listed below. Some of the individual projects will hold focus groups with end-users to help translate research outcomes into practice.


We would like to sincerely thank all our community-based supporters, collaborators and service providers listed below.

Research staff

Research Assistant: Rowan Jing, PhD

Rowan Jing is a research assistant with a background in epidemiology and biostatistics. His research interest is in determining what influences the outcomes of TBI and the translation of these research findings.  He is currently involved in data management and analysis of numerous studies. Additionally, he is assisting with the submission of grant applications and peer-reviewed manuscripts. He is also coordinating several projects and is supervising undergraduate, graduate and other students.
Tel: 416-864-5312

Research Assistant: Irfahan Kassam, BMath (Hons), M.Sc.

Irfahan Kassam is a research assistant with a background in applied mathematics, biostatistics, and statistical genetics.  His research interests are in using genetics as a tool for DNA-based diagnostics to understand the prognosis of TBI in youth and adults. He is currently involved in data management and analysis of a number of studies, as well as assisting with the submission of grant applications and peer-reviewed manuscripts.
Tel: 416-864-5312

Research Assistant: Martyna Krezel, B.Sc. (Hons)

Martyna Krezel is a research assistant with a background in psychology. Her research interests lie in examining antecedent factors leading to TBI. She is assisting with qualitative data analyses for the TBI and Violence study and is also involved in investigating the validity of rapid eye movement measurement as a screening tool for mild traumatic brain injury. For these projects she will be recruiting participants, administering neuropsychological assessments, and conducting semi-structured interviews. In addition, she is supervising summer students, preparing grants and manuscripts, and submitting Research Ethics Board applications.
Tel: 416-864-5312

Research Assistant: Caroline Lewis, B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc.

Caroline Lewis is a research assistant with a background in neuroscience, neuroimaging, biology and psychology. Her research interests include the clinical/neuropsychological effects and neuroimaging correlates of TBI. She will be performing MRI analysis for the TBI and Violence study, as well as conducting neuropsychological assessments and interviews, recruiting participants and writing manuscripts for publications. She will also be assisting with preparing grant applications, Research Ethics Board proposals and supervising students.
Tel: 416-854-5312

Research Assistant: Chris Pauley, BA, BEd, MASc.

Chris Pauley is a research assistant with a background in education and psychology, and a career which has included work as a lecturer and elementary/middle school guidance counselor, as well as research in psychology, nursing, international health workforce planning and provincial alcohol policies. His role with IPRO involves providing support for various team projects in the areas of participant recruitment, assessment and qualitative data entry/analysis, as well as writing for grant applications, research ethics documentation and the preparation of manuscripts for publication. He is also a business owner and film industry professional who has produced a number of short films and manages his own company, Evil Twin Music, which produces original music for visual-based media.
Tel: 416-864-6060 (extension 17580)

Research Coordinator: Stanley Zhang, BM, CRA

Stanley Zhang is a research coordinator with our team and has been involved in the administration of daily research activities and management of various projects of the IPRO. In addition to supervising research assistants and students, he is managing various datasets, preparing and renewing Research Ethics Board applications, and coordinating research studies.  He will also be involved in identifying and recruiting study participants as well as conducting open ended interviews and administering neuropsychological tests. In addition, Zhang will be assisting the research team in developing new grant applications and preparing manuscripts.
Tel: 416-864-5312