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Current Studies

Traumatic Brain Injury and Violence: Reducing the risks, improving the outcomes (CIHR Strategic Teams in Applied Injury Research)



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Conference abstracts

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Radio Interviews

Rugby & Junior Hockey

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Sports injuries and concussions

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Video interviews


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Skiing and Snowboarding Head Injuries

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Head Injuries in Hockey

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Water Safety and Spinal Cord Injuries

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    Its summer fun on a hot day but diving into a pool or lake to cool off is becoming more risky. At least that’s what the numbers are telling us. Diving injuries in Toronto are on the rise at a remarkable rate…”
  • CTV News at 6:00 (August 16, 2011).  Ref # 194EF3E-3
    CTV News as learned there’s been a dramatic spike in the number of very serious diving accidents this season. Just a month ago, 23-year-old Brayden Lamoureux was a happy, healthy young man. He was cooling off in a lake with some friends. There were no rocks around. Tonight, he’s laying in a hospital bed paralyzed…”

Newspaper Articles

Researcher profiles

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Rugby Concussions

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Body Checking

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Hockey Culture

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Junior Hockey Concussions

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Water Safety and Spinal Cord Injuries

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Brain Injury Management

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Outcomes following Concussion in Hockey (OuCH!) Conference

Injury Prevention

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Sports injuries and concussions

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CAHO (The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario)

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