Research Programs


Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science

The Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science consists of basic scientists who study the biological mechanisms of disease, and use this understanding to develop new treatments for human disease. Find out more.

Clinical Research

Clinical researchers study the determinants and consequences of diseases and methods of improving patient outcomes. Find out more.

Centre for Global Health Research

The Centre for Global Health Research conducts large scale epidemiological studies in the developing world to understand the major determinants of death in these countries, and works with policy makers to design interventions to decrease mortality. Find out more.

Joint Program in Knowledge Translation

The Joint Program in Knowledge Translation is focused on designing and evaluating interventions to increase the likelihood that knowledge is incorporated into practice and policy. Find out more.

Neuroscience Research Program

St Michael’s Neuroscience Research Program is built upon the well-established, clinical excellence in the areas of stroke, neurotrauma, multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases. By mobilizing researchers in the areas of fundamental neurobiology, neuroimaging, clinical trials and knowledge translation, the Neuroscience Research Program works to unravel the mysteries of the brain and brain health. Find out more.

Critical Illness and Injury Research Centre

The Critical Illness and Injury Research Centre provides a unique platform for translational research in critical care from the molecular level to the clinical setting and vice versa, for large group research initiatives and for collaborative projects with partners in academia and industry. The centre brings together more than 40 basic and clinician scientists with internationally recognized expertise in acute lung injury, sepsis and in trauma and resuscitation to generate one of the largest centres focused on critical care research in the world. The diverse research programs within the centre are designed to advance our mechanistic understanding, our diagnostic tool kit and our therapeutic options for the critically ill. Find out more.