Research at St. Michael's Hospital

St. Michael's is among the top 15 research hospitals in Canada and home to top-tier researchers recruited from around the world. Research at St. Michael's is comprised of two arms, the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science and the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. Their areas of expertise cover a wide variety of disciplines and methodologies, generating knowledge about:

  • The biological mechanisms underlying health and disease.
  • The application of fundamental research to improve the understanding and treatment of human disease.
  • The best methods of preventing disease and providing health care.
  • The social, economic and policy determinants of health.
  • The best methods of partnering with our community to generate policy relevant research and ensuring greater health equity. Researchers at St. Michael's work closely with educators, clinicians and community members to generate and transfer knowledge that will improve the health of our patients and communities.

Our total research funding continues to grow steadily, despite increased competition.

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Research Programs

Research at St. Michael's is focused on a number of areas, covering the spectrum from fundamental biological research to research in the community. Find out more.

Our Researchers

Find detailed profiles of our research scientists at the St. Michael's.

Applied Health Research Centre

Applied Health Research Centre (AHRC) supports clinical research activities at St. Michael's and beyond. The mission of the AHRC is to advance patient care through meaningful clinical research involving human subjects. Find out more

Trainees & Students

An excellent starting point for current or future trainees, summer students, supervisors or interested visitors. Find out more.

Research Ethics Board

The Research Ethics Board ensures that research involving human participation meets current scientific and ethical standards for the protection of participants. Find out more.


The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is the coordinating and managing centre for research operations at St. Michael's. Find out more.

Facilities & Resources

Find out more about the facilities and resources available at the St. Michael's.

Volunteer with Research

Find out more about opportunities to volunteer in a clinical setting or as a participant in a research study.