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Excellence in Quality

Continuous quality improvement – the ongoing pursuit of doing things better – is a commitment that St. Michael’s staff, physicians and leadership make for our patients each and every day.

We believe that when our patients are safe, have great outcomes, don't have to wait, have care organized around their priorities and are treated equitably and efficiently, we are delivering high-quality care. Our common goal is to provide the best possible experience for all patients and their families, at all times.

Our Focus in 2015-16

Every year, St. Michael’s plans new projects and changes to improve the quality and safety of our care. Building on successes and learnings from last year, our 2015-16 Quality Improvement Plan focuses on four main areas: smoother transitions, hand washing, preventing falls and right medication. Learn more

Smoother transitions mean shorter waits in the Emergency Room, and better support when patients are discharged home.

Our blueprint for quality improvement: 2015-16 Quality Improvement Plan

Image of 2015-16 Quality Improvement Plan

Our Roadmaps to Quality

2015-16 Quality Improvement Plan

Quality Strategic Framework

What We’re Doing

Corporate projects and initiatives to improve the quality of our care.

How We’re Doing

See the numbers on our safety, outcomes, access, patient centeredness and efficiency

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